Manglik Dosh & Its Effects On Married Life

Manglik Dosha in the kundli can have a negative effect on your married life

Manglik is overrated in astrology without being given correct explanation. In my experience Manglik is just one factor in matching two horoscope for marriage. Moreover there are variation in % of manglik dosha according to the placement of Mars, so if the % is less then it can be conditionally approved based on other factors in the horoscope.

What is the impact of Manglik Dosha in married life?

What is manglik dosha?
Manglik Dosh & Its Effects On Married Life

Let us understand about Manglik dosha first, Mars is considered as evil planet in astrology and following are the important houses while accessing marriage life in astrology,

  • 2nd house – Family life
  • 4th house – General happiness and conveyance
  • 7th house – Marriage and spouse
  • 8th house – Longevity of spouse
  • 12th house – Conjugal life

Now when Mars is placed in any of the above house then it is termed as Manglik. As mentioned earlier the % of dosha varies according to the house it occupies. For example 7th house and 8th house are very important as it represents spouse and longevity of spouse. So if Mars occupies 7th house or 8th house then 100% Manglik is considered.

Other hand if Mars occupies 2nd house or 4th house or 12th house then it is considered as 30% Manglik. Again based on lordship the % percentage varies. For example Mars exalted in 7th house should not considered 100% instead it is only 60% manglik dosha.

Now let me explain on what cases Manglik dosha can be exempted,

Both couples have very less Manglik dosha

Both of the horoscope indicate combination for sound health and longevity. 6th house rules disease and 8th house rules longevity. When both of these house are well placed then sound health and longevity is predicted.

Horoscope have combination for peaceful family life. 2nd house rules family life. So when 2nd lord is well placed without any affliction then peaceful family life is indicated

Both horoscope have good combination for progeny. 5th house rules children and progeny. So well placed 5th house without any affliction indicates blessing of children

Both horoscope have good dasha/bukti for at least next 25 years

Both horoscope should not have combination for separation. 12th house represents separation. When 2nd house or 7th house don’t have any link to 12th house then couple with live together

If any of the above combination is missing then the horoscope shouldn’t be matched irrespective Manglik dosha.

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