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The quintessential Indian wedding ceremony symbolizes the purity behind the holy union of two people. While there are a number of derivations to the way a Hindu wedding is performed, the crux of the matter is that every tradition followed is with the intention to merge two different sets of people, i.e., the family members, as well as different communities through Manglik Matrimony.

Some call it Sapta Padi while the others make these vows in the form of Saat Pheras; both these rituals follow the same philosophy where the couple makes seven vows to each other with the blessings of the holy fire place and in the presence of loved ones.

First Vow: In the first vow as per the rituals of Hindu Matrimony, the couple asks the God to bless them with pure food and nourishment. The groom promises his better half that he will cherish her and offer her and their children abundance of welfare and happiness. The bride promises to be take responsibility of the household and provide him with food and help in any way.

Second Vow: The man promises to protect the house and the family, while the woman vows to be the source of courage and strength to him. She promises to find happiness in his happiness and in return asks the husband to be faithful to their love.

Third Vow: The couple asks God to bless them with the power to grow wealthy and prosperous. The groom promises to ensure the education of his children and also asks for their long life. The bride promises to love her spouse for the rest for her life and further vows to remain faithful to her husband.

Fourth Vow: In this promise, according to the Hindu Matrimony, the husband praises his wife for bringing sacredness into his life and to have completed him. He asks the higher power to bless him and his spouse with humble and obedient offspring’s.

Fifth Vow: Here, the husband blesses his wife for being the best-friend in his life and for having faith in him. He thanks her for having become a part of his life and enriching it. In return, the bride promises to trust and honour him and also promises to work towards fulfilling all his wishes.

Sixth Vow: The man expresses gratitude to his wife by blessing her with joy and peace. The wife promises to never leave her husband’s side.

Seventh Vow: In the final vow, the bride and groom express rejoice over having been united as one for eternity with God as a witness. They further promise to maintain the friendship and understanding for life.

The elaborate rituals behind a Manglik Hindu Matrimony are evident through all the ceremonies performed before and after a wedding. Among all the rituals big and small, the seven vows are considered to be the foundation of every Indian wedding. These promises are what create the sacred bond that binds together two souls for eternity. Any Hindu wedding is considered incomplete without the recital of these vows in any form.

Considering the traditions on which Indian Matrimony is based on, it is common that a marriage brings together two people who are completely unknown to each other. One may think it is a challenge to lead a blissful and problem free life together in this scenario. Though it may be overwhelming in the beginning, it is crucial to develop a sense of understanding between each and be open to communication to maintain a healthy relationship between yourself and your spouse.

1. Acceptance is the Key:

As suggested in the seven vows made in a quintessential Indian Matrimony ceremony, the first and foremost duty that you need to fulfill as a new husband or wife is to accept your partner with his or her strengths as well as weaknesses. Understand that trying to change your spouse or trying to convert them into the image that you created for yourself of a perfect better half will gradually have a negative effect on your relationship. Love him or her for his individuality and never compare them to other people.

2. Listen:

The key to a successful marriage highly depends on your art of listening. Your openness to listen to your better half in the good times will encourage them to approach you in times of trouble. Be it problems at work or at home, even though you may not always have the perfect solution to your partner’s troubles, simply listening to them can provide for a source of strong support. A good Indian Manglik Matrimony works on your ability to share your partner’s happiness, aspirations and even opinions on daily matters.

3. Make Time for Each Other:

Considering the demands of today’s fast paced life, it is very likely that both the partners are working or have other commitments to fulfill through the day. It is crucial that you remove sufficient time out of your every routine to spend with your husband or wife. It is good to take vacations every once in a while, but be consistent in the time you leave out to spend together otherwise as well.

4. Be concerned for each others Happiness:

Another inclusion in the seven promises made in an Indian matrimony ceremony, following through with this promise is not as easy at it sounds. As a spouse it is your duty to identify the little things in life that make your partner happy. Incorporate them in your day to day behavior and your will receive happiness in return.

In conclusion, there are no sure-fire theoretical formulae that will ensure you a happy marital life. The idea is for you to mould into the new life with an open mind. In addition to the points mentioned above, be sure you are open to sharing responsibilities and manage financial responsibilities with utmost care. Also, make sure that your private life is maintained within the four walls of your home and not made too public and be open to providing for your partners physical needs. All in all, work towards maintaining a healthy relationship for life.

Remedies of Manglik Dosha

August 24th, 2011
Manglik Dosha

Manglik Dosha is an astrological condition that is believed to negatively impact the marital life of a person in several ways. This astrological combination takes place in cases when Mars is in the 1st, 4th, 7th, 8th or 12th house of the ascendant chart in Vedic astrology. Any one who is born in such circumstances is considered a “manglik”.

Common Fears about Marrying a Person with this Dosha:

  • This condition is deemed to create delays, infidelity, hurdles and obstacles in a marital relationship.
  • Some also believe that marrying a person with this Dosha causes physical, emotional, mental and financial problems and even premature death of one of the spouses.
  • Many families fear disputes and allegations that lead to marriages falling apart.

What the Experts Say:

In spite of this, there is no need to be wary of marrying a person with a Manglik Dosha. There are simple solutions to nullify the negative effects of the condition. Some leading astrologers recommend the following remedies:

  1. The negativity of this condition is attributed to the ‘fiery’ nature of the planet Mars. It is believed that if a person with this dosha in the astrological chart  is born on a Tuesday, the negative effects can get cancelled itself.
  2. It is also believed that, when two mangliks marry each other the negative consequences are cancelled out and the couple can lead a comfortable and happy life. The couple can easily attain mutual happiness, health, wealth, and children.
  3. To ward off the effects of a this dosha, one is recommended to fast from Tuesday sunrise to Wednesday sunrise. Consuming liquids such as milk, tea, coffee, fruit juice, and yogurt is permitted as long as the liquids are without salt. One can consume jaggery, ghee and wheat bread after sunset and after conducting a pooja with Pachopachara by drawing a triangle with red kumkum.
  4. It is also recommended that a person with this dosha  recites the Mangala Chandika Strotra for 108 days, 21 times a day. The Gayatri Mantra can also be chanted for the same time period.
  5. Many astrologers believe that reciting the Hanuman Chalisa daily also gives positive results.
  6. Success is achieved and all wishes will be fulfilled if the Tulsi Ramcharitmanas is recited from a Tuesday, for 40 days.
  7. After having your horoscope read, many astrologers may recommend a this Dosha to wear a blood red coral and gold ring on the ring finger of the right hand.
  8. If health permits, you can donate blood on a Tuesday once every three months.
  9. Some astrologers also suggest that you donate red clothes to laborers who work with sharp iron materials.

As a Manglik Dosha you are free to choose either one or a combination of these remedies. Make sure you take appropriate guidance and do not undergo any rituals or fasts without complete understanding of its consequences. Provided your principals in life are full of humility and integrity, you are bound to find yourself a perfect match that will help you lead a fulfilling and happy marital life.

Why Register with a Matrimonial Website?

Registering with matrimonial sites is an interesting way to find prospective life partners. One can register for free and access profiles of potential brides or grooms that match your requirement with respect to cast, ethnicity, demographics and even life’s interests and aspirations. With the advent of technology, more and more people are relying on the web to find life partners. While there are many Matrimonial websites there are some such as which specialize in bringing together manglik partners. While you would have to search through innumerable profiles on other websites to find prospective mangliks, makes the job easier for you.

What is a Manglik?

A manglik is a person who is born under the influence of the Manglik Dosha. Parents of mangliks prefer to find life partners for their children who are mangliks themselves to cancel out any negative impact that may arise from the influence of mangal. A large number of Indians consider themselves to be mangliks. But finding a manglik life partner is not an easy task.

How Do I Benefit from a Matrimonial Website?

The first step to be able to benefit from a matrimonial website is first to register yourself. You can opt for a free or paid membership. The difference between the two is that you are able to scout more profiles through the paid membership. Paid members also have other incentives, such as additional features such as personalized chat and messaging or opportunities to win a prepaid honeymoon. Once your registration process, whether free or paid, is complete, you can have access to other registrants. At the same time, others too can view your profile according to their search criteria. People registered on the site have an option of choosing how they would prefer to be contacted. For example, you can choose to be contacted via telephone or email.

Is my Information Secure?

All matrimonial sites respect the privacy of its members and strongly discourage spamming. So one need not worry about security of one’s identity. They adhere to a strong privacy policy and never disclose personal details to any other parties. The also strongly urge their members to stay cautious while contacting any other members. There may cases where registrants post wrong or exaggerated information to impress potential brides and grooms.

Other Benefits:

Mangliks residing anywhere in the world can register themselves to find a life partner. For example, a Jain bride sitting in Australia can contact a potential groom from the United States. Registering with a matrimonial website gives you an opportunity to make an unbiased decision towards choosing your life partner.

Matrimonial sites take the great Indian wedding saga one step further. On these websites, you can find links to details of various service providers who support your wedding planning and execution. Wedding planners, astrologers, beauticians, bridal fashion consultants, caterers etc., are all listed.

Find yourself a matrimonial website that truly understands your needs, helps you find a partner for life and plan a wedding of your dreams!

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