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People often tend to get confused when they register with an online matrimonial website. While the entire experience is pretty simple, it is imaginable that brides and grooms may get nervous over making the right impression and hence make certain mistakes that may cost them dearly.

Matrimonial Websites

Here is a list of common mistakes to avoid when you register with an online matrimonial website:

1.      Do not Over Crowd Your Profile Page – The more concise and crisp the information, the more interesting is your profile. Many registrants tend to make the mistake of writing long essays to describe themselves. One tends to lose the point halfway through the essay leading to boredom and the likeliness of fewer people will show interest in your.

2.      Putting up the Wrong Set of Pictures – One has to be very careful about the kind of pictures you choose to upload on your profile. Do not make the mistake of uploading outdated and unrealistic pictures of you. It is ideal that as a potential bride or groom, you put up about 2 -5 flattering and accurate pictures of yourself. In an Indian setting, you can also choose to post some pictures in traditional as well as western attire. Try to portray a humble and true attitude through the pictures and get them taken professionally if possible.

3.      Do not lie on these Websites – The biggest mistake one can ever make is to lie on your profile. First, most popular websites have a stringent background checking policy, and on the other hand if your profile gets reported, it is likely that you will not be able to register back  on the website every again.

4.      Interacting with Other Profiles – Do not get nervous when you are interacting with other registrants you feel you are interested in. Try to keep it real and the first time you message a potential candidate, try to be friendly, and say something thoughtful about his or her profile. In addition to this, make sure your grammar is correct and you draft a well thought out response to messages that need to be replied to.

With the right intentions and confidence, you will be soon on your way to the wedding hall, starting a life of happiness, companionship and love.

Theme weddings are getting more and more popular in the Indian matrimonial setting since the last few years. With all its diversity and culture rich ceremony, there are a variety of themes from which brides and grooms can take inspiration from. Especially in an evolving scenario where more people are now open to marrying outside one’s cast or ethnicity, they prefer to opt for a different theme which can either be a blend of two different set of traditions or, adopt an entirely new tradition to bring to the ceremonies uniqueness that will be memorable for the family members and the guests that are attending.

Indian Matrimonial

Some popular themes:

1.  The Splendor of Rajasthan – This is a very popular theme among wedding planners. There is a lot one can do in terms of decor, menu, and even activities to create the magic of Rajasthan in your ceremonies.  Event planners can help you understand the traditions and rituals of a traditional Rajasthani wedding and adorn your events with the perfect set of events with Ghoomar Dancers, Katputli Shows and Sarangi Players to create a truly exquisite environment.

2.  The Great Royal Wedding – Get married the way the royals of India would by either creating a palatial environment that transports your guests into the time of the Kings and Queens! There are a number of gorgeous locations across the country in forms of palace hotels and sites which are open for wedding ceremonies. The attire of the bride, groom and family members; the wedding invites etc., can be created to add to the royal feel.

3.  The Bollywood Theme – Evidently the most popular theme in Indian matrimonial, there is a lot one can do to execute a Bollywood themed wedding. When one talks about movies, one automatically thinks about a lot of colors, music, dance, fun and frolic. Consider assigning different themes related to Bollywood for each event, where your mehendi ceremony could consist of a wise choice of relevant music, your cocktail and sangeet party could be in the theme of the 70’s and your wedding could emulate famous bollywood weddings.

There is a lot one can do with respect to themes if one put their mind to it. Even with destination weddings getting popular, there are more options for creativity, which help plan a memorable wedding.

According to leading Vedic astrologers, if the planet Mars is situated in the 1st, 2nd, 4th, 7th, 8th or 12th house in a horoscope and the Ascendant is in the first house, it believed that that the Manglik Dosha is formed in your horoscope.

Manglik Dosha

Why is this Condition Feared?
This condition is believed to cause a hold-up in the marriage of a young bride or groom and is also feared to be the cause of marital problems and sometimes the premature death of a spouse.

Exception to the Rule:

One of the most guaranteed ways to avoid any marital catastrophe is by an affected person marrying someone who has the same condition in their horoscope. Most expert astrologers believe that the effects of this dosha is minimized or even eliminated if both the bride and the groom in question have a Manglik Dosha in their horoscope readings.

Should I be Worried

If your son or daughter is believed to be under this effect, and you are a strong believer of Vedic astrology, one can empathize on why this may be a concern to you as a parent. But given the conditions which determine a Manglik, over 50% of the Indian population is under its effect. This means that there still remains to be a lot of choice for your child if you are considering an arranged marriage. The affects of this dosha automatically reduce after the age of 28. This is especially not a very late age for men to get married.

Additionally, there are a number of chants, prayers and rituals that can be recommended by an expert priest that are believed to reduce the affects of this condition.

How do I find out if my Son or Daughter is Affected?

It isn’t too difficult to find out if your child is under the effect of this condition. Approach a family priest, astrologer or ask relatives for recommendations to one. All your need to do is simply provide them with the details of your child’s birth, and they would be able to create a detailed horoscope.

There are also a number of online astrological tools which will help you determine the same.

Matrimonial Websites

While marriages are made in heaven, it is up to us to find that perfect someone somewhere who is made for us. The introduction of online matrimonial portals has taken the search of a life-partner to a completely new dimension and revolutionized the way arranged marriages are conducted in India.

These websites help you find the perfect bride or groom yourself by allowing you to browse through profiles of other registrants and interacting with them to gauge whether or not you have found your perfect match.

With so many different kinds of websites cropping up on the web, it can get difficult to understand whether or not you are registering yourself on a credible website that is going to help you find the perfect life partner. Here is a list of factors that you need to check before you choose to register with a Manglik Matrimonial Website:

1. Credibility of the Website: Try to go through online reviews and talk to people to understand the true credibility of the website. Go through complete information of the site and gauge how popular it really is.

2. Credibility of Registrants: Before you give away any personal information, first make sure that the profiles of other registrants don’t look fraudulent and are genuine. If you see any kind of disconnect in the type of information that is put on the profiles of these users and this is a frequent occurrence then avoid pursuing any match making initiatives on the Manglik Matrimony website.

Do a stringent check on the person, cultural know-how, family background, health, financial background, cast and ethnicity before jump to any conclusions positive and negative. Also go through the privacy policy of the website you are registering with to make sure your information is not being misused and is in safe hands.

Planning a Wedding on a Budget

January 6th, 2012

With your matrimonial approaching soon, you need to start getting more careful about how your plan your wedding, or you will one day realize you have gone way overboard your budget, and you just didn’t realize how. With more and more Indian weddings getting influenced by television and bollywood, everyone tends to get a little extravagant when it comes to celebrating the wedding. Not only does this include your ceremony but a platter of other events that typically span over a week.


It is understandable that while you are planning your matrimonial event you want to take all the possible measures with respect to cutting costs without having to compromise on the quality of the events you host.

1.  The first thing to do is to involve both the families and discuss the scale at which you intend to take the wedding. If this isn’t done, there can be a major disconnect in expectations. The idea is to make sure you are on the same page when it comes to how elaborate you want the Manglik Marriage to be.

2.  Also have clarity on who will be paying for what or what percent of the expenses will be borne by whom. You do not want to ruin a happy occasion with these stresses closer to the day of the wedding.

3.  Now that you have settled the nitty-gritty’s of basic budgeting and payment, start talking to various vendors such as banquet halls, caterers, bands etc and acquire quotes. Get a basic idea of the average cost of these in market and shortlist those which are closest to your budget.

4.  Don’t be afraid to work around your expectations to be able to stick to the budget. Just because you have a budgeted wedding does not mean it’s going to be of low quality.

5.  Statistics show that almost all wedding spends exceed by about 15%. So keep that buffer in mind while you are setting aside a budget.

6.  In addition to the basic wedding expenses such as venue, decor, catering, jewelry, attire, invitations, and photography, there are a number of hidden costs that also need to be consideration. Simple things like delivery of the invitations, salon and mehendi for the bride, etc. Try to dissect as many aspects of planning the matrimonial as possible, to minimize the surprises when it comes to planning the event.

7.  Always keep an eye out for deals. For example, many stylists will offer early bird discounts to those brides who book them in advance. Try buying your wedding outfits at sales. If you look hard enough, you are bound to find some great designer wear at a reasonable cost.

8.  Every penny saved is a penny earned. Plan the logistics of your wedding to ensure optimum efficiency when it comes to hosting your guests without having to waste any additional expenses.

Additionally, work on your negotiation skills. The harder you bargain the more you save. Do be afraid to demand for what you expect out of your matrimonial event. There will always be a vendor out there who will be more than willing you offer you his services.

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