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It is fairly common in an India Matrimony set up for the parents and relatives to initiate an arranged marriage for their son or daughter. This could be initiated through word of mouth, through a matrimonial website or with the help of a marriage bureau. Either which ways, there are going to be multiple occasions when you are expected to meet a complete stranger and gauge whether or not they will make a suitable life partner for yourself.

Overcoming the Pressures of Making the Right Intention

It is understandable that this could put a lot of pressure on yourself since you would also be focusing on making the right impression. At the same time, you must make sure that the stress of the situation does not hold you back from striking an interesting conversation so that you can actually gauge the opposite persons intentions and qualities.

Here are a few topics you can bring up while you are meeting someone for the purpose of an India Matrimony-

1. With a number of resources at hand to conduct a background check on the person through social networking profiles, you could look up some of his or her interests and try to get to know a little more about the person through that.

2. If you are told that the person is into sports, talk about his or her interests and you will be able to gauge his level of commitment, dedication and passion.

3. Try to keep the conversation as casual as possible so that you are able to be yourself and also make sure that the prospective bride or groom is also comfortable around you.

4. Bringing up informal conversations with respect to movies, music, books, likes, dislikes can tell you enough about the person in the first meeting to gauge whether or not you would like to meet this person again.

The idea is to make sure that you do not succumb from the pressures of making an impression and try to be yourself as much as possible. The more comfortable you are the easier it will be for you to engage with the opposite person and make the right decision.

In a time and age where the significance and meaning of a strong marital relationship is questioned time again, the Hindu Matrimonial system has taken an impressive position with respect ensuring most of the marriages stay intact. With a success rate of over 90%, there definitely must be something about this system from which the world can learn from.

  1. While most people believe that the ‘arranged marriage’ system is the reason behind the long lasting and successful Indian marriages, there is a lot more that goes into a successful marriage than just letting the elders make the decision.
  2. The Hindu Matrimonial system has very well defined the roles of husband and wife. While many western cultures may consider this unprogressive, the fact remains that these unwritten lines that have been drawn between the husband and the wife are a contributing factor to the success of any Indian marriage.
  3. The Indian system understands the strengths and limitations of men and women and expects them to fulfill only those responsibilities that they are capable of. For example, there are still a large number of Indian families where only the men will bring home the bread and the women will make it. Having said that, the pressures of modern life and the expectations of a career oriented couple is often known to have caused marital rifts.
  4. The Hindu Matrimonial system lays significant impetus on the role of the woman as the binding force behind every family. The relationships that she is able to develop and maintain with the relatives and close family members also play a significant part in the happiness of a Manglik Matrimony.

Having said that, the involvement of the parents, of both the husband and the wife since the beginning of the relationship; is also a contributing factor to a successful marriage. The Manglik Matrimonial system focuses more on giving than receiving which tends to ensure its long-term success.

As soon as a girl or a boy comes of age, parents and relatives tend to go on an overdrive to find for their children the perfect partner to spend their lives with. This can be a very overwhelming process for parents, close relatives as well as the prospective brides and grooms themselves; who want to make sure that they find someone they will be most compatible with.

Especially in a community centric society such as Delhi, one needs to do everything they can to make sure that their son or daughter gets access to the best potential brides or grooms to be able to make an unbiased choice for life.

Among the all the Delhi Matrimonial tools, here are some of the most common and popular ones one can opt for:

1. Newspaper Advertising: Advertising on in a Newspaper Delhi Manglik Matrimonial can be a cost-efficient and effective way to find your child a suitable match. One is opening doors to proposals which, if found satisfactory can proceed to further conversation.

2. Family References: A traditional method of finding life-partners, but this is often very effective, since you are bound to find someone based on personal recommendation on complete understanding of familial backgrounds and even personality types of the bride and groom in question.

3. Delhi Matrimonial Websites: This is the most modern and preferred tool for finding life partners. It is as cost-effective as or even cheaper than newspaper advertising and has a far better reach than family references. Additionally, it is a lot more secure and safe than publically publicizing your profile to unknown readers. Delhi Manglik Matrimony websites can help you find the perfect partner within your city based on a selected range of criteria depending on family background, religion, ethnicity, profession and even likes and dislikes.

One can truly optimize the many features of these websites to gain access to thousands of profiles to choose from.

Kundli Matching

A kundli is basically an astrological chart that follows the norms of Indian Vedic Astrology. It is used t plot the placement of the 9 planets of the solar system in different houses depending on the date and time of one’s birth. It is a common belief that these placements play a significant role in the traits and characteristics that a person possesses.

Kundli’s matching thus makes an integral part of deciding whether or not a couple must marry, because it is representative of a couple’s level of compatibility. Typically, in an Indian arranged marriage setting, the kundli’s are matched to check whether or not this particular marriage will be a good fit or not.

Manglik Matrimony

In addition to identifying factors such as education, wealth, and off-springs, matching the kundli also helps in finding out some negative traits as well. The mangal dosha is one of the most dreaded astrological traits, especially when it comes to marriage. It is believed, that that a person with a mangal dosha marries someone who is not under the same effect; it can have a negative impact on the marriage. In some extreme situations, it is believed to even lead to the death of a spouse.

Manglik matrimony is possible only if both the bride and groom are mangal dosh, in which case it is believed the effects are negated, or sufficient time has passed in terms of age of the bride and groom to make sure the effects have worn off.  Some astrologers also recommend conducting certain rituals of reciting certain shlokas to minimize the effects.

The matching of the kundli’s in this case becomes extremely important to make sure that a couple undergoing Manglik matrimony is not affected by any negativity. Kundli matching is sometimes a matter of personal interpretation. While most astrologers will be able to give you accurate predictions, sometimes it so happens that different astrologers may offer slight differences. Hence, it is extremely important that you approach an astrologer who both families have complete faith in and is fully qualified to conduct the required analysis.

It is understandable that when there is a question of Manglik matrimony, there is a lot of pressure, stress and confusion. Different people are giving your different advice, and bringing out different issues that make the situation even more complicated.

Yes, there are a number of taboos that revolve around marrying someone who is under the effects of the mangal dosha, and finding the right partner for someone under this astrological influence is a lot harder because of all the negative superstitions that people believe.

Though the truth behind this condition is a matter of personal belief, one must not get disheartened if it is taking longer than usual for you to find yourself that life partner. There are a number of ways one can minimize the negativity or even negate the effects if consulted the right person.

The first thing you must do it stop listening to all the jabbering advice that you receive from well wishers who aren’t really experts in this field. Manglik matrimony is sure to be successful if it is between two people who have the mangal dosha. So there is nothing to fear in that area.

Also, if you take the advice of the right astrologer, he or she will guide you through small things that will help you get rid of this condition making it possible for you to marry anyone of your liking.

If you are still not sure about marrying someone and risking your marriage because of this, you can make use of the correct resources to find the perfect life partner who is also a manglik. Register on one of the many websites specifically created to offer a platform for people under the effect of this astrological condition.

These online matrimonial websites consist of a comprehensive database of other manglik registrants with whom you can interact, and assess for the sake of lifelong marital bliss. A manglik matrimony website offers you the freedom to choose your life partner without any worries and also ensure your very own happily ever after!

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