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The Principles of a Hindu Manglik Matrimonial

Hindu scriptures recognize a husband and a wife has two halves of a single divine body. With the intention of a lifelong union between a man and a woman, a Manglik matrimonial is a ceremony which joins two lives together so that they can continue leading a life of respect, harmony and love. The union signifies their journey where they promise to stay together in happy as well as tough times and promise each other to pursue their worldly duties in sync with each other’s common goals. The crux of an Indian Manglik Matrimonial is sacrifice for the other person’s happiness.

The ideals of Artha, Dharma, Kama and Moksha

Manglik Matrimonial ceremonies preach the concepts of Artha, Dharma, Kama and Moksha. Artha talks about one’s physical possessions; Dharma typically means duty. It is believed that both the husband and wife in a Hindu marriage must pursue their duties while they lead their marital life together. Kama refers to physical pleasures and Moksha means the release of one’s spirit from all worldly affairs.

The above mentioned ideals are the key to a successful marriage and the Indian scriptures urge every married couple to implement them in their own lives. When a man and a woman attain union through marriage, they are able to together gather wealth in the form of financial riches, intellect and emotional strength which allows them to pursue healthy lives and also create a healthy family together.

The intimate connection that a man and woman achieve is able to manifest into the universal law of procreation, through the birth of their children. And finally, every manglik matrimonial leads towards Moksha, which is a spiritual release of one’s soul from the physical body.

The Role of a Husband and a Wife in a Hindu marriage

Even the roles a husband and wife play in a Hindu marriage take influences from the ideals mentioned above. The promises that a bride and groom make for each other revolve around the concept of sacrifice, love, respect, and faith. Based on these principles, Indian brides and grooms are able to create themselves a life of love and happiness.

Marital Duties – a Guide for the Newlyweds

Now that you have gotten over the fun and frolic of your big fat Manglik matrimony, it is time for you to sit back and retrospect about what life has in store for you. With a marriage, comes a set of responsibilities and duties that you owe to your spouse whether you are the husband or the wife. If you wish to make a positive start to your Manglik matrimony, it is important that you understand each other and start planning a life ahead that involves utmost faith and harmony.

Sharing Responsibilities

Sharing your responsibilities towards each other, families and life in general is an excellent way to avoid conflicts. The first thing you need to take into consideration is how one can fill the gap for their partner, by filling their flaws and acting as their support and strength in the marriage.

Accepting each other’s flaws and volunteering to share each other’s responsibilities it the ideal way to avoid any kind of marital conflicts.

Becoming a Model Wife

As the better half in the Manglik Matrimony, it is important for you to respect your husband, and be obedient to his expectations. In the modern setting, you may not be forced to take on all the household chores and responsibilities, but it is important for you to respect his ideas, make sure he is not disrespected in public and that you never reveal your financial status even to close family members as a wife.

You are expected to be sole emotional support of your husband who is able to help him fight through any situation in life as his strong pillar.

Becoming a Model Husband

As an ideal husband, you are expected to protect your wife and provide for her in the best of your capability. In a modern setting where it is likely that she is also committed to a career, it is normal for the husband to contribute to the household chores. If you are able to keep your wife emotionally happy, she will in turn be able to shower you with love and affection and be in a position to maintain a happy life.

The key to the success of any Manglik matrimony is trust, love and harmony. Maintain that in your life and you are sure to lead a blissful life.

Significance of the Mangalsutra in an Indian Marriage

The Hindu scriptures lay a lot of importance to the Mangalsutra in the life of a married Indian woman. All regular as well as Manglik Marriage ceremonies involve a ritual in the wedding ceremony which signifies the religious and psychological importance of the Mangalsutra in an Indian wedding. This thread is considered to be a sacred thread of love and faith and is often worn by the woman as one of the 16 symbols of their marriage, which is commonly known as the 16 Sringaars.

In the traditional sense, this thread is considered to be the most honorable token of respect and love that is offered to the bride by her husband during the ceremony. The scriptures state that wearing a Mangalsutra is a way to ensure a healthy and long life for husband. It has thus found utmost significance in Manglik Marriages where one always fears the occurrence of negative events in the due course of one’s marital life.

Many cultures within Hinduism believe that breaking the string or losing mangalsutra is a sign of a bad omen. The necklace typically consists of a string of back beads adorned with a gold pendant and is compulsory to be worn by married women.

The Design of the Mangalsutra & its Significance

Typically, the mangalsutra is made out of two strings of small sized black beads as well as gold pendant. The gold pendant will also comprise of some larger bowl shaped gold beads. Though there are a number of designs and patterns that are available in the market, and vary among sub-casts, this is the basic specifications of the design of a mangalsutra. For example, in North India, the neck piece for a Manglik marriage is made with a plastic thread and in South India, you will find the piece is made won a cotton thread of yellow color specifically.

The thread is known to keep negative thoughts away and the black beads are a representative of purity.

In today’s day and age, the mangalsutra has also come to become a popular fashion statement among married women who take pride is adorning it on their necks as a sign of their love and devotion for their husbands.

Significance of the Pheras in a Manglik Matrimonial

Indian Manglik Matrimonials are known for the traditional values that it instils on the couple in addition to pomp that goes into the celebration. Among the rituals that are conducted over several days, the most crucial is that of the wedding ceremonies itself; i.e., the Pheras. Each phera represents a unique aspect in the life of the couple –

  1. In the first phera, the couple prays to the Gods and asks them to bless the couple for healthy food and a respectable life. This stage of the ceremony also claims that God is the only ultimate deity, and only one who can give them the true blessings of a wholesome life. In this stage the groom also promises that their love will become more intense with every single day that passes.
  2. In the second phera of the Manglik matrimonial ceremony, the couple promoses to stand by each other forever and to play the role of each other strength and courage for life. The bride promises to fill her husband’s heart with courage and fill his ears with only pleasant words.
  3. In the third phera, the groom promises to remain with his wife spiritually and that he will look at other women only as his sisters. He promises her mutual growth and a life that flourishing. The bride promises that her love and respect for her husband will never fade.
  4. In the fourth phera, the couple promises each other that they provide all the help and support to each other’s parents and elders of the family. They promise each other to fill their lives with good fortune and sanctity.
  5. In the next phera, they ask the almighty to bless them with kindness and they pray for the happiness of each other’s relatives.
  6. The sixth phera represents the promises made by the groom and bride to add immense happiness into each other’s lives. The wife promises to participate in all her husband’s noble acts, and try her best to perform all her devotional duties.
  7. In the seventh phera, and the last phera which represents the completion of the ceremony, the couple asks God to bless them with a long lasting bond that consists of understanding, companionship and loyalty for each other.

With these simple yet deep promises, a young Indian bride and groom venture into a new life of happiness and bliss.

Finding a Qualified Priest for your Manglik Matrimony

Your daughter has come of age and it is time to start looking for a suitable groom for her. You may also be worried about a slight problem in her kundli that suggests that she is Manglik. This means that she can marry only someone who is also under the influence of the Mangal Dosha or pursue some of the rituals and prayers that are recommended to minimize the negative effects of this dosha.

There are a number of decisions to be made and you won’t understand where to begin unless you take the help of a qualified priest who can help you through the ordeal of finding your daughter a suitable match.

Here are some tips of how you can find for your family a qualified priest who is sure to guide you through the process of a Manglik marriage –

  • While most of our lives depend on destiny, availing the services of a qualified priest can definitely help you ease the worries of getting your Manglik child married. The easiest way to find a good priest or astrologer is by asking for recommendations from trusted family, relatives and friends.
  • Based on the recommendations you receive, make sure you ask enough questions to the person who makes the recommendation to you about the credibility of the astrologer.
  • Make sure he or she has sufficient expertise in the field of marriage and matters of the mangal dosha.
  • Ask around and talk to other manglik couples who are married and gauge the credibility of the astrologer or priest based on their experiences.

Once you have identified your priest or astrologer, it is recommended that you make him handle your case from scratch since many astrologers follow different philosophies and derivation of Vedic astrology. Based on the kundli that he creates and matches, ask him to make independent recommendations of steps to take with respect to ensuring marital bliss for your child.

Now are you ready to set your child on the path of marriage and ensuring that they lead a happy and fulfilling life with their partners.

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