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The Principles of a Hindu Manglik Matrimonial

Hindu scriptures recognize a husband and a wife has two halves of a single divine body. With the intention of a lifelong union between a man and a woman, a Manglik matrimonial is a ceremony which joins two lives together so that they can continue leading a life of respect, harmony and love. The union signifies their journey where they promise to stay together in happy as well as tough times and promise each other to pursue their worldly duties in sync with each other’s common goals. The crux of an Indian Manglik Matrimonial is sacrifice for the other person’s happiness.

The ideals of Artha, Dharma, Kama and Moksha

Manglik Matrimonial ceremonies preach the concepts of Artha, Dharma, Kama and Moksha. Artha talks about one’s physical possessions; Dharma typically means duty. It is believed that both the husband and wife in a Hindu marriage must pursue their duties while they lead their marital life together. Kama refers to physical pleasures and Moksha means the release of one’s spirit from all worldly affairs.

The above mentioned ideals are the key to a successful marriage and the Indian scriptures urge every married couple to implement them in their own lives. When a man and a woman attain union through marriage, they are able to together gather wealth in the form of financial riches, intellect and emotional strength which allows them to pursue healthy lives and also create a healthy family together.

The intimate connection that a man and woman achieve is able to manifest into the universal law of procreation, through the birth of their children. And finally, every manglik matrimonial leads towards Moksha, which is a spiritual release of one’s soul from the physical body.

The Role of a Husband and a Wife in a Hindu marriage

Even the roles a husband and wife play in a Hindu marriage take influences from the ideals mentioned above. The promises that a bride and groom make for each other revolve around the concept of sacrifice, love, respect, and faith. Based on these principles, Indian brides and grooms are able to create themselves a life of love and happiness.

How to make an Effective Online Matrimonial Profile

Plenty of young Indian boys and girls use online matrimonial services to get help finding their perfect life partner. This modern and unique platform for matchmaking, has been successful in helping Indians from all over the world find themselves marital bliss with great ease and convenience. With so many prospective brides and grooms logging onto these portals every day, it is important for you to create the perfect matrimonial portal which is a true representative of yourself and encourages other registrants to get in touch with you to start a dialogue. Here are a few things you can do to make sure you have created an effective online matrimonial profile –

How do you wish to represent yourself Online?

Before you start making your profile, you need to first understand how you wish to be represented. What qualities, interests and demographics do you wish to disclose and what kind of information do you intend to hold back until you are comfortable with other registrants. The first rule of creating in an effective profile is – Telling the Truth.

Especially since you are treading a life changing journey, you need to make sure it is based on factual information.

  • Posting Nice Photos – All online matrimonial sites allow you to post photos on your profile. Before you make a profile, make sure you get some decent photos that you will be comfortable showing to people you may or may not know. Post a good portrait photo as well as full length photo. In an Indian matrimonial set up, you can choose to put up photos of yourself in Indian wear as well as the type of attire you are seen wearing on a routine basis.
  • Your Content – It is important that the words you use to describe yourself on the profile are crisp, interesting and factual. What you write on your profile has a major effect on whether or not people who visit your profile will continue to stay on it. This is your space; make the most of it to convey who you really are.

While you are creating your Profile, make sure you don’t make the following mistakes?

  1. Do not flood your profile wit irrelevant information that could work against you. If you are asked to write about your favourite books or music, make sure you don’t make long lists.
  2. Your personality should sound positive and happy. If you try to sound depressed and whiney, you are pretty much sending off people from your profile.
  3. Avoid using poems, song lyrics and stories on your profile, no matter how good you think you are at writing them.
  4. People get easily put off by arrogance.
  5. Do not post anything profane and avoid talking about alcohol and other such topics on your profile.
  6. Also avoid making any strong statements about money, religion and politics.

Make sure you keep your profile regularly updated and show your presence on the website regularly. Follow these simple rules and find yourself your partner for life with ease.

Significance of the Pheras in a Manglik Matrimonial

Indian Manglik Matrimonials are known for the traditional values that it instils on the couple in addition to pomp that goes into the celebration. Among the rituals that are conducted over several days, the most crucial is that of the wedding ceremonies itself; i.e., the Pheras. Each phera represents a unique aspect in the life of the couple –

  1. In the first phera, the couple prays to the Gods and asks them to bless the couple for healthy food and a respectable life. This stage of the ceremony also claims that God is the only ultimate deity, and only one who can give them the true blessings of a wholesome life. In this stage the groom also promises that their love will become more intense with every single day that passes.
  2. In the second phera of the Manglik matrimonial ceremony, the couple promoses to stand by each other forever and to play the role of each other strength and courage for life. The bride promises to fill her husband’s heart with courage and fill his ears with only pleasant words.
  3. In the third phera, the groom promises to remain with his wife spiritually and that he will look at other women only as his sisters. He promises her mutual growth and a life that flourishing. The bride promises that her love and respect for her husband will never fade.
  4. In the fourth phera, the couple promises each other that they provide all the help and support to each other’s parents and elders of the family. They promise each other to fill their lives with good fortune and sanctity.
  5. In the next phera, they ask the almighty to bless them with kindness and they pray for the happiness of each other’s relatives.
  6. The sixth phera represents the promises made by the groom and bride to add immense happiness into each other’s lives. The wife promises to participate in all her husband’s noble acts, and try her best to perform all her devotional duties.
  7. In the seventh phera, and the last phera which represents the completion of the ceremony, the couple asks God to bless them with a long lasting bond that consists of understanding, companionship and loyalty for each other.

With these simple yet deep promises, a young Indian bride and groom venture into a new life of happiness and bliss.

Finding a Qualified Priest for your Manglik Matrimony

Your daughter has come of age and it is time to start looking for a suitable groom for her. You may also be worried about a slight problem in her kundli that suggests that she is Manglik. This means that she can marry only someone who is also under the influence of the Mangal Dosha or pursue some of the rituals and prayers that are recommended to minimize the negative effects of this dosha.

There are a number of decisions to be made and you won’t understand where to begin unless you take the help of a qualified priest who can help you through the ordeal of finding your daughter a suitable match.

Here are some tips of how you can find for your family a qualified priest who is sure to guide you through the process of a Manglik marriage –

  • While most of our lives depend on destiny, availing the services of a qualified priest can definitely help you ease the worries of getting your Manglik child married. The easiest way to find a good priest or astrologer is by asking for recommendations from trusted family, relatives and friends.
  • Based on the recommendations you receive, make sure you ask enough questions to the person who makes the recommendation to you about the credibility of the astrologer.
  • Make sure he or she has sufficient expertise in the field of marriage and matters of the mangal dosha.
  • Ask around and talk to other manglik couples who are married and gauge the credibility of the astrologer or priest based on their experiences.

Once you have identified your priest or astrologer, it is recommended that you make him handle your case from scratch since many astrologers follow different philosophies and derivation of Vedic astrology. Based on the kundli that he creates and matches, ask him to make independent recommendations of steps to take with respect to ensuring marital bliss for your child.

Now are you ready to set your child on the path of marriage and ensuring that they lead a happy and fulfilling life with their partners.

Starting a New Life Together – Tips for the Newly Weds

You may have just taken your matrimonial vows and life has finally begun for you and your spouse. Irrespective of whether your marriage is arranged or you fell in love, or both; there are bound to be major changes that you will be making in your life to accommodate the new family member.

There are many changes that will have take place in your life, simple things like the sharing the same space at home, the way you plan your expenses and what you choose to do together and when you are apart. Especially in an Indian setting, where the bride makes the move into a new home where the couple is probably going to be living with a host of other family members, there is a lot more to consider than each other’s needs.

Let’s look at the various aspects of settling into a new life that ensures matrimonial bliss for the couple as well as the family members –

Sharing your Space

The couple may or may not be used to sharing their space with another family member, no matter the love that exists between them. This is a time of new beginnings, so it is important to be patient with each other’s needs and mutually set ground rules on how they intend to harmoniously share space within a home. If the couple is living with other family members they will also have to take into consideration their need for space before choosing to redecorate or make any major changes in the dynamics and structure of the home.

Sharing Ideas and Belief Systems

Even if the couple may have had sufficient time to get to know each other prior to the matrimonial, there are a number of new things you will learn about your spouse only after you start living together. It is important that you are accepting towards the many ideas, beliefs and quirks that you may or may not agree to. At the same time, remember that you may have some quirks of your own that may be unacceptable by your partner. A happy marriage is built on understanding and compromise. Now is the time to support your spouse through the transition, rather than focusing on areas that you do not admire.

Spending time together

The way you treat your marriage and your relationship in the first phase of your marriage is the direction it will take in the long run. If you try to avoid the transition process by focusing on getting your own personal space and trying to hunt for ways in which you can have a happy marriage without the need to spend time together all the time, you are asking for trouble when your marriage needs a strong and mature foundation. There is nothing wrong with wanting to spend your free time together. Look for more activities you can do together such as house chores, and other projects which help you develop a sense of togetherness and the feeling of being a single team.

The more adaptive you are to changes at this phase of your life, the easier it will be to settle yourself in to a blissful matrimonial.

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