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The Power of the Internet to Facilitate Manglik Matrimonies

The dawn of the internet age has been a boon for millions around the world. Not only has it become so much easier to conduct business, get educated, get a job and be in touch with friends; but it has most importantly had a tremendously positive influence in facilitating the possibility of two people meeting, getting to know each other and eventually tying the knot.

How technology fits into the Indian Traditional System-

Especially in countries like India, where arranged marriages have been a common occurrence over the years, the internet has played a significant role in allowing the system to make positive use of modern technology for social and personal benefit.

Indian matrimonial portals have especially benefited that sect of Indians who typically found it difficult to find life partners through conventional mediums. For example, because of the increasing number of reliable matrimonial portals on the internet, there has been a tremendous increase in the number of Manglik matrimonies.

This has occurred not only due to increase in awareness levels due to all the information that is now available on the World Wide Web, but also because Manglik brides and grooms are able to easily interact with other Manglik prospective without the worry of falling prey to any taboo or tradition and ensuring that they are able to take their relationship to the eventual and blissful Manglik matrimony.

Increase in Awareness Levels

Going back to a point we touched earlier, in addition to the easy access that parents, relatives and prospective brides and grooms have to thousands of databases of other interested parties that reside in all parts of the world, the simple function of the internet to provide access to a lot more information that is accurate results in awareness levels among traditional Indians who are able to take off the burden of blind faith and understand their astrological conditions before they assume their marital fate.

A Manglik matrimony has chances of success as much as any other kind of marriage and with the help of modern tools and technology one is able to ensure lifelong marital bliss with great ease.

Significance of Sindoor in Indian Matrimonial

For many years now, Indian women have been seen wearing vermilion, traditionally known as sindoor along the parting of their hairline. This has become synonymous with marriage and every time one sees a woman adorned with sindoor on her head, it is evident that she is someone’s lawfully wedded wife.

What is the Significance of Vermillion a.k.a Sindoor in the Indian Matrimonial System?

This red coloured powder is more than just so and has come to gain tremendous significance in the Indian matrimonial system. The traditional Hindu society gives tremendous importance to sindoor as a sign of a married woman. It is considered to be a visual representation of their prayer for a long life for their husbands. Not only is it an extremely auspicious element- one of the 16 “shringaars” – which a married woman adorns from the day she ties the knot; but this red powder also communicates to the world that she is under the protection of her beloved, her husband, her life partner.
Married women in India take pride in adorning this on their heads and are more than happy to show it off to their world around them. At the same time, the less fortunate widows are not permitted to wear sindoor after the death of their life partners.

What the Sindoor Truly Stands For-

Red represents love and happiness not only in India but more or less in every part of the world. Every Indian bride is made to wear this colour on the day of her matrimonial. She holds great bride in wearing the sindoor which enhances the entire elegance and beauty of a married woman.

The first time a woman ever wears sindoor in her life is on the day of her matrimonial, when it is applied by her husband during the ceremony. This is quintessentially at the end of the rituals and commonly marks the end of the ceremonial procedures. It is in a way, announcing that the bride and groom are now wedded.

Simple application of the sindoor is known to have a magical effect on the elegance and beauty of a new bride. Most women choose to apply it on a daily basis as a constant reminder of their undying love for their husbands.

It is fairly common in an India Matrimony set up for the parents and relatives to initiate an arranged marriage for their son or daughter. This could be initiated through word of mouth, through a matrimonial website or with the help of a marriage bureau. Either which ways, there are going to be multiple occasions when you are expected to meet a complete stranger and gauge whether or not they will make a suitable life partner for yourself.

Overcoming the Pressures of Making the Right Intention

It is understandable that this could put a lot of pressure on yourself since you would also be focusing on making the right impression. At the same time, you must make sure that the stress of the situation does not hold you back from striking an interesting conversation so that you can actually gauge the opposite persons intentions and qualities.

Here are a few topics you can bring up while you are meeting someone for the purpose of an India Matrimony-

1. With a number of resources at hand to conduct a background check on the person through social networking profiles, you could look up some of his or her interests and try to get to know a little more about the person through that.

2. If you are told that the person is into sports, talk about his or her interests and you will be able to gauge his level of commitment, dedication and passion.

3. Try to keep the conversation as casual as possible so that you are able to be yourself and also make sure that the prospective bride or groom is also comfortable around you.

4. Bringing up informal conversations with respect to movies, music, books, likes, dislikes can tell you enough about the person in the first meeting to gauge whether or not you would like to meet this person again.

The idea is to make sure that you do not succumb from the pressures of making an impression and try to be yourself as much as possible. The more comfortable you are the easier it will be for you to engage with the opposite person and make the right decision.

Indian Matrimonial Sites

There are hundreds and thousands of Indian women who aspire to meet their prince charming through Indian matrimonial sites. Before you get carried away with all the possibilities offered to you through these portals, it is important for every woman who chooses to register on these websites to be wary of cheats and fraudsters on these websites.

Increasing Number of Complaints

With more and more women making complaints over men befriending unsuspecting women through these portals and eventually cheating them, it is crucial that you are conscious about the website you choose to sign up on and look out for those signs that will help protect yourself from such fraudulent profiles and ensure a positive experience on these Indian matrimonial sites.

Looking out for yourself on Marriage Portals

To ensure that you are able to make the most of your time on a marriage portal, it is important that you are a little careful about the areas you tread into and the type of people you interact with. Here are some tips on how you can protect yourself from fraudsters on these portals –

1. Before you give away personal information on Indian matrimonial websites, it is important for you to verify whether or not the website in hand is reliable and also check the type of people who register there.

2. Do not initiate sharing of information with any member of the website, unless you are completely sure they are who they claim to be. Before giving away more information about yourself, try to gather more information about the opposite party, try to remove references and get your family members and relatives involved if need be.

3. While you are registering with a website, remember to take some time to go through their privacy policy and their regulations with respect to how they chose to protect your information.

4. Do not get carried away with the talks of other people you interact with on the website and try to not meet a potential life partner all by yourself for the first time.

If you are a little careful about how you conduct yourself on a marriage portal, you are bound to have a pleasant experience and find yourself the ideal partner for life.

Indian Matrimonial

A basic research shows that there are surprisingly similar figures involved in the user segment of social networking websites and Indian matrimonial portals. While the Indian social media segment has an active user group aged 14 o 30 years of age, the most active members belong to the age group of 16 and 24 years.

The Objective

While the main motive behind logging on the these websites is leverage cheap and accessible options to stay connected with friends, evidently the online Indian matrimonial segment has been able to develop its own set of niche clients who log on for an entirely different purpose.

Motivation to Log On

Online matrimonial portals typically cater to an age group ranging between 18 and 40 year olds, their objectives are far more defined. A major factor which sets apart social networking portals from match making website is that once the purpose of the user on a match making portal is solved, there is no reason for them to come back and log into their profile.

Reliability of User Information

Another major factor that discriminates both these platforms is the simple truth that users tend not to lie too much on match making websites, whereas the information they update on social networking platforms tend to be exaggerated many times.

Adherence to Indian Traditions

The fact of the matter is that social networking portals such as Facebook, Google Plus and Twitter will never be able to replace the concept of Indian matrimonial portals, simply because the match making portals have been able to integrate a number of culture specific features into their interfaces which entirely lack in the more mass social media platforms.

Match making websites help integrate easy involvement of families and societies into the system This, isn’t possible on social platforms.

The largest segment that has been able to optimize the benefits of match making portals is the NRI segment which does not reside within the country but is looking to find a life partner from their home land. These portals enhance connectivity and provide opportunities for NRI’s residing in all parts of the world to find for themselves marital bliss with a click of their mouse.

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