How the Manglik Matrimony Sites are Flourishing Year By Year


Manglik Matrimony sites in India are gaining the popularity day by day. There was a time when the parents  would prefer their close relations, families, neighbors, friends and many more offline mediums to find a perfect Indian bride or groom whether manglik or non manglik for their daughter or son. But with the advent of manglik matrimonial sites  in India things have drastically changed. You would be finding all sorts of profiles of Indian brides or grooms.

As the time passes by, the manglik matrimony sites have of the aspects of being the data mining sites with all sorts of profiles for Indian brides or grooms based on various choices of parameters such as caste, region, religion, education, occupation and many more efficient filters employed on these sites


The manglik matrimony sites’ business is expected to occupy the market of 1,000 crore by 2017. Currently it is around 520 crore. Near about 8,000 members register daily on matrimony sites. The matrimony sites are having a compounded growth rate of 65% annually.

In comparison the previous year, the matrimony sites business in India has grown by 52% as against that of 55% for job seekers that have utilised internet forum for their needs. There is a demanding work vision for these manglik matrimony sites due to the increasing number of profiles to have efficient data mining facilities.


The reason behind the success of manglik matrimony sites in India is that it uses the combined approach of love and arrange marriage where parents may allow their son or daughter to seek for best matchmaking profiles for Indian brides or grooms on the online matrimonial. The son or daughter then consults with the parent and families for further proceedings to carry forward the talks for matrimony relation.

Matrimonial sites in India have also act as .big brother for manglik matrimony to find a perfect manglik brides or grooms in India for the best possible matchmaking. Matrimonial sites in India are also the vital support for nuclear families which have fewer close contacts at the time to find the perfect Indian brides and grooms for the successful matchmaking.

Manglik matrimonial sites such as are having huge database with lakhs of profiles for manglik or non mangliks brides in India with 1, 00,000 + pure manglik soul mate. You may register FREE to search out your preference for the perfect manglik brides or grooms in India.

You would also enjoy the value added services through various membership plans on these matrimonial sites in India such as emailing, SMS, and chat to refine your choices on minor grounds.



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