6 reasons why matrimonial websites are better than traditional ads

6 reasons why matrimonial websites are better than traditional ads

Traditionally, Indian marriages were always arranged as we Indians believe that not only the Indian bride and groom but the families too are united for life. Families and friends scout for prospective brides and grooms within their family/friends’ circle and social acquaintances. Criteria such as caste, community, education, financial stability, values, culture, compatibility, status, etc. are also kept in mind during the bride/groom hunt process to ensure the best compatibility between the bride, the groom and their respective families. Matrimonial ads in papers and marriage bureaus were quite popular to seek prospects as per the criteria.

With the surge in the internet, matrimonial sites came to the fore. The usage of matrimonial sites is popular, especially with the urban youth. As the internet and education spread through small towns, the popularity of matrimonial sites enhanced as well. The increase in the acceptance of matrimonial sites can be attributed to the following factors.

Here are 6 reasons why matrimonial websites are better than traditional ads. 👌

1. Technology-friendly ❤

Today, people are tech-savvy. You can browse Matrimonial sites via mobile and desktop PC/laptops. The sites offer smart filters to narrow down your preferences – religion, caste, age, education, and so on.

2. Continuing the tradition

The matrimonial sites ask the prospects to put up their photos, traditional specifications and other details including their likes and dislikes. So, not only the Indian bride/groom but their families too can look up a prospect’s details and then initiate a choice.

3. Wider Options

Matrimonial sites cater not only to urban youth but also to a wide range of the population in semi-urban, rural and globally as well.

4. Extensive options

Matrimonial sites offer all kinds of options as per your preferences such as likes, dislikes, partner preferences, etc.

5. Initial conversation

Matrimonial sites have online chat messengers through which you can converse with your prospect and find more about each other. Unlike conventional methods where families arrange a meet, this is truly at your discretion to meet a prospect or not.

6. Success stories

Many sites post stories of Indian brides and grooms who have found their life partner online. It gives confidence to those who are looking for prospective matches online and adds the efficacy of the matrimonial sites.

When you compare the above advantages to the traditional way of newspaper ads, matrimonial websites are much more beneficial.

Disadvantages of newspaper ads

  1. They do not provide broad options, unlike sites.
  2. Are painstaking and time-consuming when it comes to narrowing a prospect, arranging an initial chat between potential matches and their families,
  3. Does not have a notification alert as matrimonial sites do when a prospective match comes up,
  4. It is necessary to visit the newspaper office to update the ad personally
  5. Does not offer a glimpse of the photos of the prospective boy/girl

Matrimonial websites are very popular and help people find their life partner easily through various options. The filter options, safe and secured payment (to become a registered member), privacy, etc. are some of the excellent features of matrimonial sites.