Amazing Facts About Matrimonial Sites

Amazing Facts About Matrimonial Sites

Matrimonial sites have completely transformed the way weddings happen in India. The traditional role of the marriage broker and the joint family network has now mostly been replaced by online matrimonial sites.

There are many amazing facts about matrimonial sites which will let you know of their remarkable journey.

  • Around 2009, India ranked 22nd in the world for use of the Internet medium and matrimonial sites. This was also the time when the first of Indian matrimonial sites i.e. the current Indian matrimony site leaders and were launched.
  • In 2009 India had the total population of 1,15,68,97,768 and about 8,10,00,000 people were actively using Internet which means that the market penetration was about 7%.
  • According to Internet research, searching and shortlisting profiles online on matrimonial sites is now the 13th most popular activity.
  • In 2015, India is estimated to possess 7% share of the total Internet users of the world and now is ranked 4th in the world in terms of Internet usage. 11% of the share is estimated to come from the Internet users who use matrimony sites. The total increase in growth of matrimonial sites is pegged to be 1500%.
  • There are now over 12 million users who use online matrimonial sites. These users now collectively access more than hundreds of matrimonial sites which operate at the regional as well as national level. These sites have sprouted up to meet the demand for marriage-related information.
  • People from every sphere of society now use matrimonial sites. Indian matrimony market study reveals that about 12 million of the matrimonial site users have surfaced during the last 5 years.
  • In 2008, the online market industry was worth 140 crores and that was a stupendous jump from 58 crores in 2006.
  • It is revealed through research that 48% of matrimonial site users have started using the Internet for matrimony. Prior to using matrimony sites this 48% of the population had no experience with the Internet.
  • Internet research reveals that 50% of the matrimonial site users belong to the top five cities Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata, and Bangalore.

Major players in Matrimony Sites Sector

Online matrimonial space in India is currently dominated by four major players i.e. owned by (Sanjeev Pahwa), owned by People Interactive Group), BharatMatrimony (owned by Consim Info), JeevanSaathi (owned by InfoEdge), and SimplyMarry (owned by Times Group).

In terms of page views, commands the highest number with the average user spending about 6 minutes online on its pages. This marriage website also has the largest NRI audience i.e. 26.1% and about 1231 allied websites link to

Simply Marry has the longest stay time with the average user spending about 11 minutes online. JeevanSaathi is slightly ahead of BharatMatrimony in terms of cumulative traffic rank but forms equivalently on most other parameters. 250 centers across India, with more than 10 million users has been credited with forming more than 1.3 million matches. There are features like regional registration, smart search option, shaadi live messenger, voice SMS system, and customized ring tones. E Matchmaker is a service that employs many sophisticated algorithms and superior privacy options which calculate the potential compatibility of couples and gives recommendations. This was launched in 2004 and currently has 2.2 million users who belong primarily to Northern and Western India. E Rishta and E Value are two facilities which have bold listing options wherein members can pay varying amount of fees in relation to the service. Currently, it has 8% market share in India. One of the oldest matrimonial sites in India, it has 15 regional portals across 22 different states, and it operates in 15 different languages. There are services like wedding directory, pre-marriage counseling services, express matrimony services, blood testing services, et al. This is the most technologically advanced matrimonial site in India and has membership durations ranging from 3- 12 months. There are multiple interaction options like chat, profile linking, text linking, personal messaging, etc., This matrimonial site focuses only on individuals who are divorced or are widowed, and is aimed towards facilitation of remarriage in India. 15 days membership option is also provided here.,,,,, and, are three other matrimonial websites which are currently doing very well in India.