Are Matrimonial Sites A New Platform For Matchmaking?

Are Matrimonial Sites A New Platform For Matchmaking?

The wedding industry is now bigger than ever as the youth of the country grow more and more obsessed with finding “the one.” The total value of the wedding market is estimated at $40 billion, and all the matrimonial sites have now evolved to cater to the suave, young, urbanized youth, who are quite used to browsing online for all their needs be it for material needs or matrimonial ones.

The matchmaking industry is projected to double in business and touch up to at least $250 billion in the next two years according to the data supplied by Indian Chamber of Commerce.

Growing popularity

Traditional practices of matchmaking like third party negotiators are now considered passé as most of the youth or their guardians love the control and the selectivity that matrimonial sites provide. Matrimonial sites are private yet acclimatized to the specific tastes of the youth and they suit the Indian mentality by providing a perfect mix of tradition and modernity. The evolution of niche sites like and give out a range of criteria that are very specific, and help prospective brides and grooms to find a partner who will meet their specifications and requirements.

Technologically savvy

One reason behind the immense popularity of the matrimonial sites nowadays is that the average youth has become extremely technologically advanced. There are now multiple options in the ways that matrimonial sites can be used, including and not limited to messaging service and mobile phone apps. On paying sufficient subscription fees, prospective brides and grooms can now contact and message partners on a customized messaging platform which works along the lines of Google and Yahoo chat. Most people find this option fun, convenient, and in line with their current lifestyle requirements. Youngsters are now chatting up prospective partners virtually in the gym, in office, on the tennis court, and almost everywhere else.

Verification systems

The popularity of matrimonial sites has also given birth to an alarming number of fake profile registrations. Leading matrimonial sites have risen up to the occasion by updating their structure and investing in strict verification systems. Phone verifications along with email verifications now make it difficult for people with less than honest intentions to use the matrimonial sites. Appropriate filters like socio economic status, educational background checks, and the financial standing filters, have made the process of finding a suitable groom or bride more secure and safe.

Creative campaigning

Unlike traditional Eastern value concepts which rule out love from being a prerequisite to marriage, the campaigns of modern matrimonial sites speak of a different story. Here, compatibility and attraction are given sufficient importance as demonstrated by the heartwarming advertisements of and Consequently, the youth find it very easy to relate to the concepts of marriage endorsed by these matrimonial sites. The new age concept-based advertisements of the matrimonial sites through traditional media like newspapers, magazines, and TVs along with new media like social networking sites have endeared them to the youth of today.

Allowance for dating

Most of the youth today prefer interacting with a number of partners in a commitment-free, yet friendly environment, before they make their final choice. This is largely inspired by the Western concept of dating. What modern updated matrimonial sites do is to provide each prospective bride or groom with a database of dating opportunities which are filtered according to their preferences. Thus, it is dating with a specific purpose of matrimony amidst only individuals belonging to certain specifications. This concept has gone down really well with the youth.

Confidentiality offered by these sites naturally appeals to the privacy-loving youth of this country. It’s easy and non-messy to conduct a bride or groom search using and it’s increasingly being preferred by the focused, busy, and increasingly specification-oriented youth of today.