Arranged marriage vs Love marriage

Arranged marriage vs Love marriage

Marriage is an important event in everybody’s life. It’s an occasion you celebrate with your loved ones, relatives and friends announcing change in your social stature. It’s a ceremony of exchanging vows between a groom and bride, promising togetherness with love for the rest of their lives.

Marriage is the way you choose to live your life and a prominent decision making that everybody needs to make. Having said this, it’s needed for youngsters to understand the pros & cons of arranged marriage and love marriage.

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Arranged marriage

Indian marriage system is one of the most respected marriage systems known for the commitment in the relationship and less divorce rate. “Arranged Marriage” in India is the most used term compared to Western countries. In Indian context an “Arranged Marriage” is the mutual consent of boy’s family and girl’s family for the marriage. Caste and status in society have been the two main factors from a long time, Indian parents look in an alliance for their children. In this age of globalization, parents in India are also factoring education and job into finding the right alliance.

Traditionally in an arranged marriage boy’s parents and girl’s parents know and meet through their common friends or families.  In this meet, both the families enquire the caste, education and family background of the alliance before the boy and girl get to know each other. It usually takes one day to one week for either the boy’s parents or girl’s parents to express their consent for marriage before they fix the marriage date. It can be understood from this “arranged marriage” process that a little time is given for boy and girl to understand each other well and judge the future partner.

Following are some more pros and cons of arranged marriage


  1. Consent of two families (of course with or without consent of boy and girl) and the acceptance of the relatives.
  2. Parents stand by their children and try to resolve the conflicts between couple in tough times.
  3. There is no over-expectation from either boy or girl since they have never fallen in love before their marriage.


  1. Not knowing partner in-depth before marriage.

Love Marriage

On the contrary, in a love marriage usually boy and girl understand well before marriage. Grooms or Brides happens to fall in love either by chance or with whom they find compatibility. Typically, in an Indian scenario parents would not agree to the marriage, since in a love marriage it is very unlikely that the caste and social status match between the families. Also “love marriage” is projected as disrespectful for the children’s parents and generally not acceptable in family circles. Whether it’s love or arranged marriage understanding is the key in a relationship.

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