Benefits Of Marriage: Best Advantages That Prove Matrimony Is Bliss

Benefits Of Marriage: Best Advantages That Prove Matrimony Is Bliss

The debate about the benefits of marriage versus that of remaining single is a perennial one. Every side presents its own share of pros and cons. While some might say that marriage is mostly about finding an intimate confidante, there are actually several tangible benefits to it.

These benefits can be broadly categorized under three categories, which eventually will help you understand the overall marriage benefits better. There are three categories namely:
  • I. Emotional Benefits Of Marriage
  • II. Social Benefits Of Marriage
  • III. Legal Benefits Of Marriage

We list down the individual pointers for each of the aforementioned categories.

Emotional Benefits Of Marriage

This could probably be the number one reason why most of us tie the knot. A happy marriage brings you a life-long companion in whom you can always find emotional support. It means having someone by your side through the thick and thin, highs and lows of the roller-coaster journey called life. Let’s break down the emotional benefits of marriage into the individual benefits.

  1. You’ll Have Someone to Speak With
    Let’s accept the fact that we are innately social beings and we look forward to have a companion with whom we can share even the wildest and strangest thoughts of our mind. When you’ve gotten married, you get a partner to speak to and communicate with for the rest of your life.
  2. There Will Always Be Someone To Hangout With
    Your friends will not always always have time for you. But your husband will be just a call away when you intend to hang out at some new cool place. And you can always plan a fresh getaway each weekend.
  3. Finally You Can Share ALL Your Secrets
    No matter how close you are to your best friends, there will be a point where you will draw a line. One of the advantages of marriage is that you never have to keep any secrets with your spouse. You can always feel free to share your wildest secrets, and can be assured that it will never get disseminated.
  4. You Are Less Likely To Feel Depressed
    Since you always have someone by your side to share and discuss various life matters with, you are less likely to develop depressed thoughts. This means marriage is good for your mental well-being.
  5. There Will Be Someone To Take Care Of You
    No one is perfectly healthy, and when there are times when you find yourself ill, you will have someone by your side to take care of you and cheer you up. Ditto for your partner as well.
  6. Marriage Boosts Your Psychological Health
    Married men and women are less likely to develop addiction and substance reliance. Certain research studies have also found that people tend to drop bad habits when they get married, indicating that marriage has a positive impact on a person’s lifestyle.
  7. You Get To Be A Good Parent
    While cohabiting individuals also become parents, many research studies have shown that children raised by married parents have fewer problems being an integral part of society.
  8. Marriage Adds Some Zing!
    And by this we mean that you can get to spend some really good time in the bedroom. Many may say that you need not be exactly married to have some fun, but research has found that good quality safe sex is only possible when the couple is married. Also, when you are married, you are legally allowed to have intimacy, so you can focus on the fun rather than worrying about getting caught.
  9. You Find A Companion For Your Older Years
    When you are married, you know that you will have someone to accompany you through the twilight years of your life. There will be someone by your side to talk and listen to you, just like it was in your early years of married life.
  10. You Find A Cheerleader For Life
    There are several reasons why love is important. But with your partner by your side, there will always be someone who will cheer you for whatever you stand for. This means having someone who will endorse your ideas (or even debate them), and will encourage you to pursue your dreams.

Social Benefits Of Marriage

These benefits are the ones that you reap from the society when you are a married individual. These benefits may not be exclusive to married persons but the married folks have an upper hand. Social benefits of marriage also include those benefits that will help improve your quality of life.

  1. You Are More Likely To Find A Comfortable Abode
    This is quite common both in urban and rural areas where due to social and security reasons, home-owners remain inclined to have only married couples as their tenants. It simply means that you are more likely to find a good house on rent when you are married than when you are single.
  2. There Is A Greater Acceptance Of Married Couples
    Social research has found that married couples are more likely to be invited to a social events like weddings. This means that there is a far greater acceptance for a married individual than someone who thrives alone.
  3. You Develop Richer Social Bonds
    Marriage is not all about the two individuals, it is also about the relationship between the two families. One of the advantages of being married is that you have a far richer social life than you would have when you were single. What does this lead to? Read the next item.
  4. Married Couples Have Higher Social Security
    Getting married expands your family, and this means that you will have more individuals to fall back on during difficult times. For this reason, married persons tend to have higher social security than those who remain single.
  5. More Social Schemes For Married Couples
    This doesn’t mean that single individuals do not have access to any social benefit schemes at all. It means you will have a higher chance of access to them, when you are married. For example, there could be certain subsidies on food and ration that can be compounded if you are a married individual.
  6. There Will Be Someone To Share Your Household Work
    Accept it. You always wanted somebody to do the dishes while you mop the floor. Being married is a great way to share the responsibility of household duties. This helps save tons of time, which you can then invest in anything else.
  7. Marriage Increases The Household Income
    In modern era, it is common for a man and a woman to be working while spouses. This comes as a win-win situation for both since this means you will have much more money than your personal income to plan for your future. This also means you can have a better quality of life than you would have had you been single.
  8. You Become More Disciplined
    being single means you are all on your own No commitments, no obligations. When you are married, you are sharing your life with someone, and this means being more simplified with your routine. Married individuals tend to be more disciplined with their lifestyles than loners. Frequently, this discipline even trickles down to their professional life, which is a good thing.
  9. You Can Take Better Decisions
    When you are alone, all you have is your own perspective. But when you are married, you have the opinion and expertise of another person, leading you to make wiser decisions that can have long-term benefits for you and your spouse.

Legal Benefits Of Marriage

There are certain socio-economic benefits only married persons can avail because often there is a law bound to it. Most couples do not think about this during the early years of their marriage but this is one thing that will benefit you the most.

  1. You Can Have Joint Ownership Of Assets
    This means that when you make a high-ticket purchase (say a house), you can have joint ownership of it. So that way you can take a joint loan, which means you’ll have someone to share those EMIs. Overall, a great way to save money & plan your expenses. This brings us to the next benefit.
  1. Better Planning Of Expenses = Better Savings!
    Marriage means that you have someone to plan out your expenses with. That way you can even delegate financial responsibilities between each other. So if one of the partners pays for the monthly grocery expenses, the other can be the one making fixed monthly deposits to save for the future.
  2. You Can Avail Tax Benefits
    There are certain tax benefits available for married individuals only. Often, these are legally enacted, thus making a married couple entitled to these benefits. It is a no-brainer that saving on tax definitely leads to more savings, which in turn can help you improve your quality of life.
    There are certain tax benefits available for married individuals only. Often, these are legally enacted, thus making a married couple entitled to these benefits. It is a no-brainer that saving on tax definitely leads to more savings, which in turn can help you improve your quality of life.
  1. Marriage Certificate Comes In Really Handy
    Register your marriage, and you will realize that the piece of paper called marriage certificate is the second best thing that has ever happened to you after your marriage.

So, sure, the points listed above are all the benefits you get when you tie the knot. Remember, the best benefit of marriage is living with a sense of satisfaction, that in the constantly changing world, you will always be that constant to which your spouse can look upon or vice versa. Unconditional love is the secret for being happy in marriage. If you have that, then you are surely leading a happy and successful married life.