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Matrimonial profiles give a fascinating look to today’s social medial trends because of it hitching site like ours followed up these intriguing trends. We observed changes in the knowledge given in matrimonial profiles as caste and religion are almost disregarded by most of the people, what really matter is the education, and occupation of the individuals.

Before late 20s weddings were fixed by our family members but this way got out of trend in the late 20s by matrimony sites and ads. Now the latest trend to fix marriages is by matrimonial sites. These matrimonial sites are used daily by a lot of people who want to marry. From adapting traditional methods to find a pair to newspaper ads to matrimonial online sites, matrimonial sites are widely used lately.

What a Profile Elucidation looks like in the Best Matrimonial site of India In 2022?

The description looks like (example): –

  1. Age: 29 years Location: — Delhi, Haryana, UP, Chandigarh, Punjab, Rajasthan
  2. Height: – 5ft 5in Cast: – Rajput, Arora, Jat, Khatri, Brahmin
  3. Education: – M. Tech Partner preference

The Talking About Caste System

Compare to the olden days now the caste system is not a priority as it was before. It has not disappeared completely from our Indian society, but it is given preference on a very small scale. It can be shown by some facts as in 2003, 57.2% of bride search and 67.2% of groom search provided in the conjugal profile elucidations of the same caste. In 2018, this percentage decreased as 30.8% in bride search and 43.2% in groom search.

The Important Factor: – Education

If we talk about 50 years ago the most important factors taken into consideration were caste and religion. But as of now we are more advance because of technology and all these stereotypes are breaking. The important part one looks for a person is well education. The reason is that education provides a person class and manner that gives a good impression to the world. We do not state that only education is something one looks for; other factors are taken into consideration but education does give a very precise glance of the individual. The percentage of matrimonial profiles providing information of educational qualifications increased from 32% in 2003 to 62% in 2018 in both the sexes.

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