Cancellation of Manglik Dosha

Cancellation of Manglik/Mangal Dosha

There are certain combinations and placements in a chart that can nullify the Anshik Manglik, Manglik Dosha & Khuja Dosh completely. When assessing the chart for presence of Manglik dosha, The possibility of following combinations should not be ignored.

Having any of these placements in the chart cancels out Mangliks dosha, Khuja Dosha.

Cancellation of Manglik Dosha
Manglik, Mangal Dosha – Cancellation of Mangal Dosha

Mangal dosha remedies – Mangal Dosha cancellation in astrology

  • If Mars is placed in ascendant in either Leo or Aquarius sign or Aries is cancellation
    • If Mars is placed in 2nd house in either Gemini or Virgo
      • If Mars is placed in 4th house in either Aries or Scorpio sign
  • If Mars is placed in 7th house in either Cancer or Capricorn sign
    • If Mars is placed in 8th house in either Sagittarius or Pisces
      • If Mars is placed in 12th house in either Taurus or Libra sign
  • Debilitated Mars placed in 8th house
    • Venus & Moon in 2nd house
      • Jupiter & Venus conjunction in either ascendant or 7th house.
        • Mars is placed in movable signs like Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn
  • Mars is placed in Nakshatra of Ketu

Guna Milan and Manglik dosha are not the only parameters of horoscope matching. If the results of Disha matching, assessment of health and longevity of both partners are positive, presence of Manglik & Khuja Dosha will not act as a deterrent.

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Manglik Dosha or Mangal Dosha is considered a bad combination for marriage or relationship, caused due to Mar’s adverse position in the astrology chart.

Manglik Dosha and Marriage:

Manglik dosha or yoga is very important from a Shaadi stand point. Individuals should perform some prescribed rituals with the advice of a learned astrologer before getting married. It is considered good if Manglik dosh or mangal dosha is present in the astrological natal charts of both the boys and the girls who are planning to get married. A person with Manglik Dosh is called Mangali.

If in case Manglik is getting married to a person who is not Manglik, then in that case one should follow some remedies for getting the Manglik Dosha cancelled. Here it is important to elaborate that the effect of Manglik Dosha will get diluted by following remedial solutions but it will not lead to 100 percent cancellation of Manglik Dosha.

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