Combined Transit Effect Of Rahu, Ketu, Saturn And Jupiter (2017-18)


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Medam (Aries):-The period, where Rahu transiting in fourth and Ketu transits in tenth house, is coming. Guru transits to seventh house from sixth in September. Saturn has ashtama. Though you would be given relief from the past by the own position of Jupiter, the planetary positions of Rahu and Saturn is not much favorable. During this period you should have to be careful about the physical disorders of your mother. You should take attention in using vehicles. Avoid the late travels. There is a chance to move your residence. There may be objections from relatives. Avoid unnecessary arguments. There are chances of disputes and some police cases during the unfavorable position of Kuja,. The ashtama rasi position of Saturn may affect the physical wellness unfavorably. This is a period where you have obstacles in the profession. The blessing by the planetary position of Jupiter will reduce the intensity of obstacles.

Idavam (Taurus)

This is the time where Rahu is in 3rd house and Ketu in 9th .  Jupiter is in 9th and Saturn in 7th house. The planetary positions of Rahu and Jupiter are totally favorable. Though Saturn is the reason for Kandaka Sani, you will have good results. There is indication for a chance for credits and promotion in job . You can expect helps from relatives. Though it is a favorable period, you should have more attention in financial matters. It is better to take advices from experts when you place money for investments and speculations. You should have to take care of the health of your father. A chance for a detachment from teachers is also indicated. Though the career is fine, you should have to exclude your over reactions. During this period you have peace and prosperity in your home.

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Midhunam (Gemini)

In this period Rahu transits in the 2nd house, Ketu in 8th, Jupiter in 5th  and Saturn in 6th  houses. Though the planetary positions of Rahu and Ketu is worse, Jupiter and Saturn are beneficials. The position of Rahu in second house will cause obstacles in education, especially for students. There may have worries in family. There is a chance for unnecessary arguments. There may be some situations of theft of costly items. You may have small accidents or falls. You must avoid late time travels. There will be prosperity in career. You will have a chance to apply new ideas in your career. There will be such situation where opponents fails. There may have small problems. But the upcoming year is very good for you.

Karkidakam (Cancer)

Rahu transits in it’s house of birth, Ketu in 7th , Jupiter in 4th  and Saturn in 5th  house. The changes of Rahu and Ketu is not much favorable. Jupiter, which transits to forth house from third, will ends the troubles of previous periods. Circumstances will be almost beneficial. But to reap good results, you  should have to work hard. Saturn in fifth house will be the reason for mental pressure and concerns. Financial status will be fine. But expenses will rise. Separation and oppositions of relatives may cause mental worries. Obstacles and troubles are shown in travels. All, who wants new job should know that it is not a favorable period for that and should concentrate in current job. This is not a favorable period

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Chingam (Leo)

Rahu and Ketu transist in 12th  and 6th  Houses respectively. Jupiter in 3rd  house and Saturn in 4th house. Though the position of Ketu is favorable, the position of Jupiter in third house indicates lack of blessings. It is not good to shift the job after September 12. You must try to continue to stay in that job. Though there is a chance to live in foreign countries, you may face challenges in the profession. It is not a favorable period for speculations.  Debts, giving guarantee etc may give losses and disgraces. It is a time for worship and prayers. At the time of problems, you should do things with control. There may be variations in the troubles, as per the position of Jupiter in Horoscope.

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Kanni (Virgo)

This is a period where Rahu transiting in the 11th house, Ketu in 5th and Saturn in the 3rd . There will be some favorable moments in life. You can attain higher positions in your profession. Confidence and hard works give you good results. This is a fit period to invest money in profitable places. You can defeat your opponents in social and professional fields. You will have the concern about your children’s education. Sometimes you may suffer from stomach ache. The relationships with opposite sex may give you happiness. As per the power of Rahu, Ketu and Jupiter in horoscope, You may feel some lack of favorable time