Customs and Rituals in Brahmin Matrimony

Customs and Rituals in Brahmin Matrimony

Brahmin Matrimonial

As per the cast system that has been followed in India for over a thousand years, Brahmins are considered to be on the top of the hierarchy, followed by Kshatriyas, Vaishyas and Shudras. Even though this system is not necessarily followed as strictly in today’s day and age, many people are still particular about making sure that they at least marry into the same caste as far as possible.

Indian Weddings

On the other hand, it is a known fact that Indian marriages are like festivals; celebrated with great pomp and joy. A marriage is considered to be among the most important celebrations in a family and tend to get pretty extravagant with all the colours, music, dance, food and events which span over multiple days.

Brahmin Matrimonial ceremonies follow their own set of rituals and traditions while keeping up with the Indian enthusiasm of celebrations.

Rituals and Customs in a Brahmin Matrimonial

A quintessential Brahmin wedding ceremony is characteristic of very elaborate customs that consist of ceremonies such as the Engagement, Jaimala, Pheras, Kanyadaan and Bidai. India being a very vast, diverse and secular country means that even within a particular cast, there are derivations as to how certain traditions and rituals are followed in different parts.

For example, there is a vast difference in the wedding ceremonies conducted in South India and North India in spite of many people belonging to the same cast.

Finding the Right Partner

Like other communities, Brahmin Matrimonial community is very possessive and conscious about the caste in which their sons and daughters marry into. Back in the days, it was the heads of the family or community that decided what would make a suitable matrimonial union. This was done by taking into consideration a number of factors such as familial background, ethnicity, caste, status, education etc.

Today, with the cultures opening up a little more, brides and grooms have the freedom to find their own life partners. The use of technology and the internet facilitates the possibility of finding Brahmin brides and grooms from all parts of the world.

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