Disadvantages of a Manglik Person

Disadvantages of a Manglik Person

Mars is a hostile planet and is considered in auspicious. Mangal or Mars has a negative impact on marriages. The Manglik Dosha is considered inauspicious because the afflicted native may remain unmarried throughout his/her life. Mangal Dosha arises when the planet Mars sits in any of the six houses 1st, 2nd, 4th, 7th, 8th and 12th house of any person’s horoscope chart. Mangal Dosha has ill effects on the marriage. Some of the ill effects are listed below:


When Mars sits in the 1st House

This leads to conflicts, often leading to physical assault and violence in the family.

When Mars is situated in the 2nd House

It affects the family life both personal and professional by creating obstacles in the married life.

When Mars enters the 4th House

The adverse effects are seen on the professional life. Often leading to switching jobs and financial troubles

When Mars resides in the 7th House

The person at this stage has too much energy and is too short tempered. Cordial relationship with the other family members is almost impossible.

When Mars is situated in the 8th House

Such a person will be lazy and careless and reckless regarding finance. The person loses the paternal property.

When Mars is located in the 12th House

At this point the person has lot enemies. There will be several mental problems as well.