Do’s & Don’t while selecting your Life Partner

Do’s & Don’t while selecting your Life Partner

Marriages in India can be stressful but your biggest confusion while searching for your life partner can be solved by keeping these simple points in mind. All you have to do is remain calm and trust your instincts. Take your time and find someone that is a good friend and a wonderful spouse.

You know you need us when you find that clearing MCAT was easier than finding a life partner! We are sure that your first surgery or dealing with your first patient must have not been that nerve-wracking. You may have the cure for every health problem but when it comes to finding your life partner ‘WE ARE THE EXPERTS’. But what really helps, is breaking down the art of discovering your perfect partner. Remember, you just have to find somebody that’s real and not ‘perfect!’

There is no rocket science behind this process, just follow the points below and throw your confusion away.

Well, we all carry a list while shopping why not make one for your partner as well. Here’s what you need to look for

Room for Respect

The secret to a happy married life is Respect. If you can not admire each other, you cannot live with each other. The fuel to your beautiful relationship is having respect for each other and treating your partner as your equal. The boat to a long and happy married life can sail smoothly if you respect your partner and allow them to play an important role in your life.

Check for Compatibility

Imagine ending up with a person who loves pineapple on pizza! There is nothing wrong with having someone who has a completely different taste but not all surprises are welcomed. Your compatibility matters when choosing your partner. You might be a tea person who meets a coffee person but if you guys are comfortable with each other’s choices that’s when you know that you have found the one you were looking for.

Don’t cross your comfort zone

Bond over food, sports, fashion, your occupation and frame your next question. Meeting new people may be a bit difficult and since it is temporary we don’t mind getting out of our comfort zone and mingle with them. But you can’t live like this. When somebody doesn’t match your vibe, just go with a clear NO. Don’t make hasty decisions just because you are in a rush or this is the 20th person this month. Decisions that affect your life require patience. Just chill & enjoy the process.

Wait & Date

You cannot know everything about someone just by meeting them once. Spending time will assist you in knowing them better. It is important to know the likes and dislikes of the person you are going to be spending time with. When you date them and explore different places with them, you can come across different sides of the same person. You have more time to ask questions and develop your bond. This will also help in building trust with the person and will help you resolve your confusion regarding the new person in your life.

Decisions regarding your life are not meant to be easy. Choosing your life partner is like breathing, you have to do it yourself no one else would do it for you! There is no formula to this but you can surely stick to the above points and look for your better half.

Decide wisely, your potential life partner is just around the corner.