Experience of registering an Indian matrimonial profile on a website

Experience of registering an Indian matrimonial profile on a website

I have been wanting a partner for a very long time. My perspective is that from whichever medium I meet the person, I should find the connect. I always believed that two people make their own rules and work as a team. However, life kept giving me various shocks. One of them is that dating rules are different from different mediums.

After getting fed up of dating apps, I very innocently opened an account in the matrimony. The intention was to find a partner or companion. (Not get married as per society norms) First step was to fill the profile. I got freaked out by that itself. There were questions about caste, gotre, income, parents income etc. There were other questions on horoscope. These questions I never saw being blatantly asked. Also, here profiles can be made on behalf of someone.

I started getting random mangliks matches. Ended up getting a call once. I was so shocked. The person laughed and made me aware that apparently premium account holders can view numbers. That’s when I learnt another aspect of the matrimony site.

Even though I was getting matches, a lot of them I didn’t have anything in common with. They were widespread in age and income. Then I realized I hadn’t set preferences. Once I went to that section, barring the basics I could not select anything in the cosmology section.

It was a very extensive process for finding someone to date seriously. Yet I continued with it. Once I started having parents reaching out to me with requests such as kundlis, birth time, etc. I got overwhelmed. At this moment I realized, this is process is not simple. And I handed the account to my mother.

How Does a Matrimonial Site Works?

The biggest benefit of the matrimonial sites is that they have a large number of profiles of both groom and bride. Therefore after registering yourself on the site, you will be able to gain access to a vast number of suitable groom and bride profiles in front of you.

Whatever your preferences are on a matrimony website you will definitely find the right life partner for you.

Once you have found a suitable profile according to your preferences, you will have the option to connect with here over safe protocols.