Five important things for every Manglik

Five important things for every Manglik

According to the Hindu astrology, a person is considered ‘Manglik’ when he is under the influence of planet Mars. Planet Mars as we all know is known to be the planet of war. The person who is not a Manglik suffers marital disharmony when he marries a manglik bride or groom. The choice of spouse for Manglik persons is limited. Most often the word “Manglik” is cover under the clouds of blind misbelieves. For Manglik persons, Mars is the ruling planet.

Five important things for every Manglik
Five important things for every Manglik

Why do Mangliks have marriage problems?

Mars is planet that always likes to stand alone. Itquarrels with every other that is close to it. That’s why your ruling planet is not withstanding your non manglik partner for too long. That’s why there is a need of Manglik bride or groom  for Manglik. In Manglik Dosha, there are degrees. Every Manglik’s spouse does not die. If you are a Purna Manglik, the influence of Mars is very strong. If you are ‘vakri’ Manglik then Mars has less influence. It does not lead to the death of your life partner.

Age is a factor

In some cases, the influence of Mars is up to a certain age. So, late marriage may the solution in some cases for Manglik brides or grooms.

Kumbh Vivah

Your marriage problem can be sorted out by Kumbh Vivah, even if you are purna Manglik. Here the Manglik person is made to marry a banana or banyan tree. If you are a girl, you may marry the silver or gold statue of lord Krishna. It cancels the Mangal Dosh.

Multiple Mangliks

If you are double or triple Manglik, the influence of planet Mars is very strong. Even if you marry twice or thrice,  your Non- Manglik spouse is destined to die.

In this case you have to do the Kumbh Vivah twice or thrice to negate the evil effects of Mangal Dosh or you marry a person who is double or triple Manglik.

Good Deeds

Hinduism emphasizes moreover on good deeds. If you are performing good deeds, it is not the end of the world for you.

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