Guru Chandal Dosh – Effects of Guru Chandal Dosha in Kundli and Remedies

Guru Chandal Dosh – Effects of Guru Chandal Dosha in Kundli and Remedies

The word “Guru” is the Sanskrit name for planet Jupiter and “Chandal” means demon. Chandal refers to Rahu here. This Dosha occurs when Jupiter and Rahu-Ketu are in the same house. Thus, the Guru Rahu Chandal Yog or Dosh behaves in a very inauspicious manner. This may prove to be a very difficult period in your life. In general, Jupiter Bears very good results and improves your creative thinking, happiness and self confidence. But when this Dosha comes into prominence, all the good emanating from Jupiter turns malefic.

If you are going through a period that does not produce any positive changes in your life despite a lot of hard work, it could well be due to the presence of such doshas. Sudden changes will appear in your behavior and trends once Guru Chandal dosh arrives in your life. Your good nature will become irregular and you will be attracted to bad company. You will become patient, disrespectful and inconsiderate towards your elders. You may find it very difficult to take proper decisions.

Jupiter is known to make you spiritually inclined but when its placement is not suitable, you will lose all interest in such matters. Malevolence will come naturally to you and you will depend on deceit to get what you want. When the planets Jupiter and Rahu are in a favorable position in your kundali, this dosh is known as Ganesha yoga which brings positive results in your life.

Effects of Guru Chandal Dosh in Kundli

The positive and negative effects of the Guru Rahu Chandal Yog depend on the position of Jupiter in your natal chart. If everything is placed appropriately, you will be very happy in your life. There are chances that you will be inclined towards religious pursues. You will gain a respectable place amidst your peers and in society at large. Wealth will be yours always and you will succeed majestically in everything you do.

The chandal dosh could also bear very negative impacts on your life. You will not excel in academics; In fact you will find it difficult to even complete your education. A sudden drop in concentration and will-power is easily discernable when you are under this dosha. There will be a trend to opt for short cuts which could land you in bad and immoral company. Accidents and health issues will be constant in your life throughout the period.

Happiness and peace are unattainable under a strong Guru Chandal dosha. Even auspicious activities will take a lot of doing to be accomplished successfully. Due to the sudden shift in your character and thinking, there will be frequent disputes in the family. You will tend to isolate yourself;being around people and working with them will become very difficult. There will be uncertainty in your career, business, family life and thought process in general.

Guru Chandal Yog Remedies in Vedic Astrology

The foremost remedy is to perform a Guru Chandal Dosh Puja. This puja will stabilize your health and remove obstacles from your career path. Your relationships will improve and things will begin settling down. Apart from this worship, there are certain daily practices which will improve matters. As long as you follow these, the dosh period will be easy to deal with. Wearing a gemstone during this period can also be beneficial.

One of the most effective Guru Chandal Yog remedies is to stay in close proximity with someone who can guide you through right and wrong. Being around a trusted elder or opting to be in the constant company of a sensible confidante can help you to refrain from malefic deeds. If you honor your elders and take up activities which benefit them, it would work as a good remedy for you and those involved in your life.

Lord Vishnu is the lord of Jupiter, the central figure of this Dosha. Therefore, seeking his blessings regularly will keep your life happy and secure. Chanting Vishnu Sahasaranamam or Brihaspati mantra will keep you calm. It is advisable that during the Guru Chandal dosh you should involve yourself in helping the poor and feeding stray animals. Donating useful things to less fortunate people will reduce the effect of this dosh significantly.