Himachali wedding rituals that you don’t Know

Himachali wedding rituals that you don’t Know

Himachali marriage rituals: Do you know that the land of India is filled with customs and rituals for life? In this place, a person goes through untold rituals. Our Beautiful rituals and customs are observed in weddings. Mainly, the Himachali wedding ceremonies are filled with fun and cultural rituals which will make you curious.

The wedding ceremony in Himachal is followed by some interesting and unique rites. In the marriage of Himachali, there are various ceremonies to complete the marriage which makes it even more interesting and joyful. In this blog, we will discuss the beautiful Himachali marriage rituals and customs. Here are some interesting and auspicious rituals and customs of traditional Himachali wedding:


The matchmaking:

The initial step or ritual for a Himachali wedding is matchmaking. In Hindu culture, it is necessary that before marriage your kundali matching is mandatory. This is related to how many features are matching for compatibility of married life. After the matchmaking, when the match is found, the ‘Tika’, a traditional gift, is sent which is a traditional blessing.

The Haldi Ceremony:

Haldi ceremony also known as turmeric paste. In this step, turmeric plays a very important role in Indian weddings. It is considered a multipurpose and sacred herb that is used to make the bride more beautiful. This ceremony happens at both the bride and the groom’s home.” Both families apply ‘Haldi’ to the groom and the bride. In Turmeric, some other beauty ingredients are added to improve the skin tone and get a beautiful wedding glow on the skin.

Mama welcome:

In this phase, the maternal uncle comes to marriage. The main theme is that welcoming the maternal uncle and his family. The maternal uncle and his family are welcomed to the groom’s home with music, blessings, and sweets. The main reason behind is that he gives their blessing for marriage.

Sehra Bandi:

The Sehra is used in Indian marriage for the groom. The groom wears a special headdress called Sehra for the wedding. It is a wedding turban that is conveyed by the mother and various family members of the man of the hour and lady of the hour’s family.

This is a beautiful and normal marriage dress for family members and relatives.


In this ritual the groom’s family is welcomed to the wedding venue with gifts and sweets, the actual wedding ceremony begins. After that, a red cloth or dupatta is tied to both the bride and groom’s dresses. People believe that this knot is considered a lifelong knot that ties both the bride and groom forever in a marital bond. Then the couple stands and takes 7 pheras around the fire.


After attending these rituals, the bride after getting married departs to the groom’s home. When the bride goes to the groom’s home then the bride and groom take the blessings of the family members. In this ceremony, full of emotions and tears, the bride’s family allows the bride to go away with the groom to his house. After that, the girl throws rice and some coins while moving out of the marriage venue.


So we can say Indian culture is full of rituals and rituals. Himachali wedding rituals are full of joy and fun that is happened in Hindu Culture. In this blog, we’ve discussed the Himachali wedding rituals that you don’t know. We at www.mangliks.com also help you to find your partner on our website.