How Mangal Dosha Can Affect a shaadi

How Mangal Dosha and Manglik Dosh Can Affect a Shaadi/Marriage

Be it from our parents, we have been hearing a lot about Mangal Dosh and its powers to disrupt a relationship or shaadi/marriage. The common dosh found in Kundli is often considered astrologically bad.

However, less know what “bad” it could actually bring to a shaadi. So as an answer to all your questions about Mangal Dosha, here is everything you need to know about the same.

How Mangal Dosha Can Affect a shaadi
How Mangal Dosha Can Affect a shaadi

What is Manglik Dosh

Mars in Sanskrit is called Mangal / Manglik and an astrological situation called Mangal Dosh is formed when mangal in the 1st, 2nd, 4th, 7th, 8th and 12th house of a person’s horoscope. The people who have this dosh are called Mangliks.

Notably, Mars represents respect, ego, self-esteem, and energy & people who have Manglik Dosh may share similar traits. Such traits are considered harmful as they can disrupt relationships, bring financial instability, affect mental health and more.

However, it is also believed that Mangliks have fire energy in them if used in the correct way. And also the effects of Manglik dosh can be plunged completely if two Mangliks decide to marry each other.

Effects Of Mangal Dosh and Khuja Dosh

Where Mangal Graha is placed in the natal chart can tell you a lot about the effects of Mangal Dosh. Six out of Twell houses, when combined with the presence of Mars, have bad Mangal effects.

Mangal Dosh in First House

Those who have Manglik Dosh in their first house are prone to be aggressive and rude. Loss of happiness from one’s life, differences between loved ones and risks on the partner’s life of the native are also common.

Mangal Dosh in Second House

The second house is a symbol of wealth and family. Thus people with Manglik dosh in their Second house affects the relationship of a person with his/her family. It might even cause separation from loved ones and anxiety in couples.

Mangal Dosh in Forth House

With Mars in the forth house, it gives stable wealth and financial flow but it also creates troubles in married life by developing an uncompromising nature of the native although it does not put relatives of the native at risk.

Mangal dosh in Seventh House

This is a house of shaadi. Mangal dosh in the seventh house can hamper the partner’s health and women could find aggressive partners.

Mangal Dosh in Eighth House

Manglik & Mangal dosh in this house is dreadful. As a symbol of happiness, grief and situations, this can create a depressing life for couples besides financial issues, ill-health of partner and more.

Mangal Dosh in Twelfth House

Mangal and Manglik dosha in this house of joy, travel, money. The Sosha in the house can lead to a lack of care and mutual understanding between lovers. Immoral sexual practices are common in this dosha resulting in hurting the partner and the native could even suffer from genital diseases.