How to prepare for your first date?

How to prepare for your first date?

First dates can be interesting, amazing and at the same time nerve wrecking. After all it is one important aspect of togetherness, one vital step to know your potential life partner before tying the knot. It is different from college day dating or a random collision. There is nothing to be scared about a first date.

It can be lots of fun! If your first meeting has been set up and you are nervous and undecided about where to go, or what to talk about and there is confusion about things you should do and don’t- then this article will help you to carry it out with grace.

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Find information about your date

There is nothing spooky about it! You can search about your potential life partner’s profile and other public details with the help of Google and Social Media. It has two benefits; it’ll not only help you to understand him or her in a nutshell, but will also eliminate your fear about him or her being fakes! This is a must-do before you go out on a first date.

Keep Smiling

It is the most natural and most effective ornament that any individual can wear! No matter how tough you are from inside, an open smile shows your friendliness and makes the other person more comfortable. Practice a lot of smiling during and even before the actual date begins. Practice a simple yet impressive body language in front of a life size mirror. Look where your hands or legs are when you are in the middle of a conversation. Mind the business of your eyes, lips movement and other body parts. Practice will give you a decent confidence.

Plan your dress

Dressing is one important and essential aspect that your date will notice with or without any efforts. Dress yourself in unflattering, appropriate clothing. Do not wear too bright or too dark clothes. Plan ahead which dress you are going to wear on your date and get it ready in due time.

Asking the right questions

Your date will help you to understand and know more about the person you have chances of getting married to. Do not limit yourself with the casual chit-chat. You must have had a number of expectations that your life partner should possess. Frame them up and prepare those on a paper and practice. Ask this questions so that you can have a fair idea about what, how or why’s of the other person. If you want to know about his hobbies, ask him; if you want to know about her friend circle, this is the right time.

While preparing for your first date, make a list of the questions you ought to know about him or her. Your first date should be special and worthy. On a trusted Jat matrimonial site like, you will find the most compatible profiles for yourself. Registering your profile and looking for a potential life partner will definitely land you the golden opportunity of going out on a first date with a suitable person.