How to Talk in an Arranged Marriage Meeting

How to Start a Conversation with a Girl in Arranged Marriage Meeting?

Hey men, if you are one of those who would be shortly meeting a prospective girl that you would be marrying, you may want to read through this entire blog to know how you can get on an interesting and engaging conversation. We are not going to give you tips to woo her yet, but here are some things that you can take care of so that you don’t have a girl walk away at your first meet-up.

Start your conversation with simpler questions about her name, whereabouts, and her family. Tell about yourself too but be cautious that you don’t rant on about your family history and what a great background you have.

Make efforts to find out about her education if she continues to study or wish to do so in the future. If she is a working person, ask about her career aspirations and how she wishes to focus on them. The girl could also interact with you to know about your educational background and your career with its short-term/long-term goals.

When trying to know about her family, it would be good to also get her to stand on the obligations that she has in her family. You might be meeting with girls who have a desire to financially support their parents even after their marriage.

Put her at ease talking through her hobbies, and interests. If she is vocal about any of them, try to listen to it out so that you know the depth of her interest – you might just come across a person who has the same passion or hobby as you.
One of the foremost things to know and converse in your meeting is about the girl’s view of marriage. The interaction on this topic will help you understand the girl’s belief in the sanctity of this bond and how she wishes to live a marital life with a partner. It will be important to also share your views on the marriage with her – a healthy conversation may just get you to spend more time with the person and know more about the person

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