How to thank guests attending your marriage?

How to thank guests attending your marriage?

How many times have you said thank you to your friends and relatives when they come for your ceremony or some function? Finally, it is time to apply the basic rules of politeness that you learnt from your childhood! Your guests were kind enough to accept your invitation and some have had the kindness to offer you a wedding gift. It’s minimum expected from you to convey gratitude and thank them.

Who do we thank? Do not make small petty calculations and thank only the people who came to your reception or who sent you a gift or even a congratulations card. When do we thank? There are two possibilities.

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After the wedding day

This is the option that seems most logical. After the festivities, you can have a clearer vision of the people present on D-Day and all gifts received. If you do not leave right away for honeymoon, wait another week before you receive your shipments. Then you can wait until you return to send your letter. But do not wait too long!

Before the big day

The bride and groom may receive or at least be informed of the arrival of donations and gifts sometimes several months before the reception. You can then send your thanks messages gradually so that there is no risk of forgetting someone. You can also take a detailed list of each gift received and its donor. This will allow you to write a personal note later. How to thank?

Traditional way

A small and similar printed card for each guest present on the day, having offered a gift or not, “Thank you for gracing my marriage making it more beautiful on this beautiful day of 13 February 2022″. A word customized and manually written for each like “Uncle and Aunt, thank you for gracing my marriage and making us more happy. We thank you for your gifts”. It is also fashionable to send a photo of your wedding, pasted or scanned on a single board, by way of thanks. This also makes a memory. Tip: Do not think that you can get out by sending a group email to all your guests. Not only, everyone does not necessarily have an e-mail but it is not at all courteous!

Preferential treatment: Some guests deserve to be treated like VIPs. For VIPs send a nice letter in which you thank them for attending contributing to the success of this magical day. Sometimes you may think of sending a small gift: a bottle of perfume or an album. When you search for bengali girls for marriage on bengali matrimonial sites, it also makes sense to send gifts to the girls relatives by taking the opinion of your partner.