Importance of Kundali Matching in an Indian Marriage

Importance of Manglik Kundali Matching in an Indian Marriage

Kundali Matching has been a mandatory practice since ages. Almost all our shaadi making processes right from our ancestors have been marked by the presence of this ritual. It is believed that when the astrological birth charts also known as “kundalis” match, along with all the “yogas” and the “doshas”, the fact that the prospective Groom and the Brides will lead a happy, satisfactory and a peaceful life can be ensured.

Let us get to know more about this unique and important ritual and its significance in Vedic astrology.

Importance of Manglik Kundali Matching in an Indian Marriage
Importance of Manglik Kundali Matching in an Indian Shaadi

The Importance of Gunas

A person’s horoscope and his birth chart also known as his kundali narrates a lot about the person’s life. This includes his past, present and future as well as his attitude and personality. The birth chart is prepared with respect to the positions of the planets and their movements which tell a lot about the person’s nature and are known to influence the relationship up to a great extent. With the matching of kundalis, and thus, gunas, the couple’s compatibility is calculated. This allows the family members to get an idea of their future together and the destiny of their marriage.

The Basic Requirement

Whilst comparing the horoscopes of the Brides and the Grooms, “36 Gunas” are considered to judge the compatibility between the couple. This is reason why Kundali Matching is also called Guna Milan. There are a specific number of points that are checked to analyse/predict the life of the marriage. These points are called Ashta Koot and are distinguished as follows:

  1. Nadi: 8 Points
  2. Bhakoot: 7 Points
  3. Gana: 6 Points
  4. Maitri: 5 Points
  5. Yoni: 4 Points
  6. Tara: 3 Points
  7. Vasya: 2 Points
  8. Varna: 1 Point

Together, these are the crucial 36 Gunas that are taken into consideration.

All of these revolve around the fundamentals of a happy and a fulfilling life like mental compatibility, Mangliks dosh, the longevity of the relationship, like-mindedness, children, sexual interests and health. It is said that at least 18 Gunas must match. Only then the marriage is taken ahead and confirmed. sincerely hope that Lord Ganesha blesses you with health, wealth & happiness.


My team will personally analyse the birth details of profiles submitted for Kundli Matching and prepare the final report which will be sent you.