Importance of Mangalsutra in Hindu Marriages

Importance of Mangalsutra in Hindu Marriages

In the Indian Hindu society traditionally, a woman’s identity is generally dependent on her husband’s name. Without a husband, a woman is not considered an important part of family. Widows still suffer from humiliation and social discrimination. Mangalsutra of the bride acts as a safeguard and adds to the protection of her man. A lot of belief is held by the black beads of the Mangalsutra. It adds on to the marriage longevity and well-being of the marriage. Mangalsutra also reminds the woman of the code of righteousness, her duties and distract her other immoral behavior and adultery.

Mangalsutra acts as Divine or Tej. The left side of the Mangal Sutra is an estimation of Iccha- Shakti (the power of one’s intensions). The right side of it is an inclusive of one’s power of Knowledge or Gyan Shakti. The junction where these two strings meet is supposed to be the power of one’s action or Kriya Shakti. Thus  the combined power of Mangalsutra act as a Divine energy and supposed to be a driving force for her and all those around her.
Importance of Mangalsutra in Hindu Marriages
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The two strands of Mangalsutra comprise the energy of Shiva and Shakti. The traditional Mangalsutra contains nine black beads interspersed with nine golden beads and one or two centrally placed golden cups. The nine black beads represent Adhishakti or nine forms of Primal Energy. It Keeps away all the negative energy or evil power that is directed towards the woman.  The black beads comprises of the power of earth and water element or Tattva. The golden beads comprise of the power of fire and air element or Tattva. Combination of all these four elemental energy drives out the negative energy vibrations that are directed towards the marital life of the woman wearing it. Mangliks  is one of the premier  matrimony sites for manglik brides and grooms

The golden cups in the centre of Mangalsutra are placed over the woman’s Anahat Chakra (fourth center) flow of the human body’s spiritual flow. The void in the cup acts as drainage of emotions and negative disposition of the woman’s body and mind.

Sothe Mangalsutra is a symbol of positive energy and power for the woman and her man, rather than a piece of jewellery.

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