Interesting facts about Manglik Matrimony & Manglik Bride!

Interesting facts about Manglik Matrimony & Manglik Bride!

Are your parents afraid of you being a Manglik? Are they finding a tree for your marriage before finding the groom.  The term Manglik was unknown to many before the marriage of Ashwarya Rai & Abhishek Bachchan.  It was a Manglik matrimony. Ashwarya Rai was a Manglik bride.

She simply married a tree before marrying to Abhishek Bachchan. Many of the Hindu people believe that if you are having Manglik Dosh, it would lead to serious problems in your married life , especially for a Manglik bride.
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In Hindus, according to Vedic Astrology, A person is having Mangal Dosh or is a Manglik if the planet Mars is placed in the 1st, 2nd, 4th, 7th ,  8th& 12th house of their lunar chart .  These houses represent different aspects of your life. 4th house represents the content and mental piece. 7th house represents the marriage & 8th house represents the longevity.Your horoscope is based on year, date, time & place of your birth.Whether you are a Manglik or not, is decided by your horoscope. Mars is an aggressive planet.  if placed in certain areas  of your birth chart , it may lead to Manglik Dosh . If you are looking It may lead to disorders in your married life. Mars Planet represents temperament,ego, and self-esteem. Being a Manglik presents difficulties for Manglik brides & Matrimony.

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Manglik Dosh is prevalent to first marriage only. There is no effect of being a Manglik on second marriage. That’s the Manglik girl marry a tree first.

There is a wrong myth that if you are born on Tuesday(Mangalvar) , you are under Manglik Dosh. This belief is totally wrong. Astrology is based on Shastras.  Astrology depends upon the astronomical phenomenon &events that happen in the entire world.

This is certainly a topic of debate. A few people think that if astrology depends upon the astronomical phenomenon and events, then Mangal Dosh for Manglik Matrimony should not be restricted to a particular region &religion (Hindus).

The One thing is for sure that the success of your marriage depends upon your compatibility with the life partner.