Is Shadi Kundali matching is significant for Love Marriages?

Is Shadi Kundali matching is significant for Love Marriages?

There are timeless debates that happen between families and in the classroom also whether love marriage versus arranged marriage. So when it comes to arranging the marriage, the family will search itself for the partner having matching Shadi Kundali.

But when it comes to love marriage, when people fall in love they did not plan anything, whether they have to match Shadi Kundli or not. So, is it really necessary to have to match Shadi Kundali for love marriage also? So, we shall discuss it today.

First of all, to get this answer, we have to understand two things very clearly, what do we mean by Karma and what Shadi Kundai or Horoscope is?

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Shadi Kudali or Horoscope is pure science that old Rishis have felt from their existence. They have discovered that all this existence is based upon Karma. Now, when a person is born whether male or female, he / she is born because of their Karma. Everything related to their birth, whether it is the place of birth or parents to whom he/she is born, the entire thing is dependent on Karma. So, as a entire Horoscope is a science of understanding what the person is capable of.

Therefore, it is good to look into the science behind it. Because you don’t know what is inside you You go by instinct or your unconscious mind. Now all these things are stored in your subconscious brain. Therefore, there are two important factors behind this science. One is that your Shadi Kundali should be calculated appropriately and the other one is that the person who is performing these calculations should be an expert. About 90% of people in the world of Astrology are fake. They do not know about the core of astrology. So, if these two factors are in right place, then the Shadi Horoscope will be matched or else it will not. But all these things change completely because the moment you started loving someone, your mind changes completely. If the love is so strong then all your Karma will get resolved there itself.

Shadi Kundali in Love Marriage

But again a question comes to mind what love is? Do these so-called lovers in the world genuinely love each other? 99% of the love in today’s world is not real love. The definition of love is not understood by most of the people in this world. If true love exists, then all the Shadi Kundli concepts will get resolved immediately, because, at the moment when true love exists, you will dissolve all your Karma. But in today’s world, you should go for Astrological science at least once. But the moment you dissolve all your karma, nothing can rule you. Not even a single planet will rule you. You are free.

In today’s world, we make too much fuss when two human creatures come together. After all two human creatures come together because there are certain needs which can be psychological, physical needs, financial needs, etc, and to fulfill these needs gracefully, we make some arrangements, which is called marriage. And this can be successful only when you sit in the engagement with this intentions that somehow I must give my best to the person who is sitting right next to me. If you didn’t do so, your marriage would fail. If you only try to squeeze the joy out of it, then initially it will look nice but after some time it will become nothing less than a catastrophe. Not because you do not have matching Shadi Kundli, but simply because you are trying to get the joy or happiness out of it and they are also trying the same from you. But if you are seeing how to give yourself to the other person and they are also doing the same, then ultimately it will become a good healthy relationship.

Importance of Shadi Kundali

Sometimes, we see countless marriages where Shadi Kundli matches but that relationship fails and sometimes we see that some marriages having mismatched Shadi Kundli become successful. So, instead of giving much importance to all these Shadi Kundli concepts, we must give importance to how we can give our best to each other. It matters most. However, people are avoiding Shadi Kundli nowadays but there are still some places and families where it still exists that the Shadi Kundli of both couples should match appropriately. This has led to the separation of many wonderful long-lasting relationships. But at the same time, we must also understand what our parents want. So, if they want to check Shadi Kundlis, go for it as it also provides us some useful bits of advice like what sort of things should be done to maintain a healthy marriage life and to avoid some avoidable circumstances like divorce.