Jewelry Items That Make Us Swoon Over Marathi Brides

Jewelry Items That Make Us Swoon Over Marathi Brides

Jewelry forms an essential part of any and every brides. It is an adornment that adds glory to appearance. Indian manglik brides are specifically known for their Jewelry, so how can Marathi brides (Girls) be left behind. They have a Jewelry collection of their own. A visit to the marathi brides var suchak kendra and you will not fail to notice the marathi matrimony brides profile photographs, dressed in the classic Paithani sarees, and the Jewelry adding to her already dazzling personality., one of the best marathi matrimony portal in India, presents to you a list of the Jewelry that every Marathi brides to be should anticipate wearing.
Jewelry Items That Make Us Swoon Over Marathi Brides

Putli Haar

Putli Haar is a prominent neck piece that consists of gold coins woven together on a silk thread. The coins are engraved with the motif of goddess Lakshmi. This choker style haar has a superior appeal and is worn on all traditional occasions.

Kolhapuri Saaj

As is apparent from the name, this piece of Jewelry has its roots in Kolhapur. This traditional necklace is considered equivalent to the mangalsutra as it symbolizes a Marathi Brides marital status. A Saaz is generally gifted to the brides by the groom’s family. It is made up of gold beads, leaves & petals, and has a round pendant with a red stone woven in gold wire.


Jewelry that gives the Marathi manglik brides their distinct identity is the nath. It is indeed Jewelry that adds a charm to your face. Although nath is a common adornment worn across India, Indian Marathi brides wear whats called a Brahmani Nath which is woven with pearls in paisley shape and is studded with precious stones.


It is a traditional Marathi necklace with thick and tiny gold beads that are held together by an adjustable thread. It is identified with the adjoined intricate gold beads and is made of pure gold. It is worn right at the base of the neck without much suspension.


The Marathi set of chooda’s in green, red and gold are distinct from the bright red Punjabi or North Indian ones. The color green is more subtle and does not attract undue attention of people. The gold adds a definite sophistication and seriousness to the set. Chooda’s are worn in the initial few days post the marriage to symbolize newly married status. They can be worn perpetually but mostly are removed and reserved only for occasions. Otherwise, only the gold bangles are retained and are worn daily. The chooda is also a symbol of fertility.


This is the symbol of Marathi marriage where the bride and even the grooms, adorn their foreheads with these hanging white pearl drops. It is a simple pearl ornament traveling horizontally through the center of the forehead and having extended length at the sides to dangle down by the cheeks to the level of the chin. It defines the face and makes it more decorative. Although there are various kinds of mundavlya’s available in the market such as those made of flowers and all, people prefer the traditional ones with tiny pearls.

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