Lessons to Learn from a Hindu Matrimonial

Lessons to Learn from a Hindu Matrimonial

In a time and age where the significance and meaning of a strong marital relationship is questioned time again, the Hindu Matrimonial system has taken an impressive position with respect ensuring most of the marriages stay intact. With a success rate of over 90%, there definitely must be something about this system from which the world can learn from.

  1. While most people believe that the ‘arranged marriage’ system is the reason behind the long lasting and successful Indian marriages, there is a lot more that goes into a successful marriage than just letting the elders make the decision.
  2. The Hindu Matrimonial system has very well defined the roles of husband and wife. While many western cultures may consider this unprogressive, the fact remains that these unwritten lines that have been drawn between the husband and the wife are a contributing factor to the success of any Indian marriage.
  3. The Indian system understands the strengths and limitations of men and women and expects them to fulfill only those responsibilities that they are capable of. For example, there are still a large number of Indian families where only the men will bring home the bread and the women will make it. Having said that, the pressures of modern life and the expectations of a career oriented couple is often known to have caused marital rifts.
  4. The Hindu Matrimonial system lays significant impetus on the role of the woman as the binding force behind every family. The relationships that she is able to develop and maintain with the relatives and close family members also play a significant part in the happiness of a Manglik Matrimony.

Having said that, the involvement of the parents, of both the husband and the wife since the beginning of the relationship; is also a contributing factor to a successful marriage. The Manglik Matrimonial system focuses more on giving than receiving which tends to ensure its long-term success.

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