Logical Reasons Why Love Marriage Is Better Than Arranged Marriage

Logical Reasons Why Love Marriage Is Better Than Arranged Marriage

People are still very skeptical regarding love marriages in India. They are not very open to the idea of the boy and girl taking the decision of their life by marrying the person of their own choice. Many traditional families continue to oppose the practice of love marriage and are strongly against it. Love marriage or arranged marriage, which one is better?

This has frequently been discussed and people have a varying opinion on it.

Here we discuss why love marriage is better and how if a person is in love can lead a happier married life if he or she gets a chance to marry the love of their life.

The Best Logical Reasons Why Love Marriage Is Better:

1. Your Friend Is Your Partner:

Love marriage is better than the arranged marriage as you plan to marry your, friend, colleague, or simply a person whom you know in advance. This helps you be accustomed to the person and by the time you plan to marry you begin to understand each other well.

2. Comfort Zone With Your Spouse:

In a love marriage, you will have the comfort of sharing your fear, love, as well as the care of your partner since the very beginning of your relationship. You will be free from any kind of hesitation and you can continue to have a relationship that is more amiable with your husband.

3. You Are Responsible:

If you go for a love marriage then you will definitely be responsible for all the decisions taken by you. If you have any animosity for any cause with your partner, then you will not blame your family or any other person for the same.

4. No Expenses:

The couples who are in love with each other mostly do not spend much on the wedding and the simple reason behind this is that the bridegroom or his family do not ask for the dowry. The dowry is a big social problem in India and parents have to spend a huge amount of money for marrying their daughters and this is very important in the arranged marriages.

5. Friends forever:

The couple who went for love marriage continue to remain friends forever. They try to resolve their disputes and misconceptions by themselves.

6. Aware of the Personality:

People in love marriage are well aware of their partner’s personality. They know each other’s likes and dislikes very well. The love is followed in marriage between such couples because they feel that they share some level of compatibility, whereas, in an arranged marriage there are a lot of chances of disputes between the pairs.

7. Blessings in Disguise:

If you get the opportunity to marry the person you are in love with then it is a blessing in itself and those who get this opportunity take good care of their relationship.

8. No Formalities:

In love marriages, the couple is very open with each other. They have mutual respect for the other person because of which they enjoy life to the fullest.

9. You resolve issues more amicably

Since you know each other already (reason 1), understand each other well (reason 2), and do not have any bone of contention like dowry among you (reason 5); By default you resolve all the conflicts in a calm and amicable manner. There are high chances you will have less to clash on, and while some amount of bickering does happen between wife and husband, at the end of the day the love between you will act as a balm to soothe each other’s hearts.

10. You understand each other’s personality.

Since you know each other well, you are well aware of each other’s likes and dislikes, hobbies and general life preferences. You’ll know how much sugar he likes in his tea, and you’ll be aware of which coffee she loves. In this way, you can have a stable start. You will even save tons of time, which would otherwise people in arranged marriage spend just to figure out each other. In a love marriage, you kick-off by planning for bigger and important things in your marriage, which individuals in arranged marriage are capable to do only after couple of years spent understanding each other.