Making a first impression – Are you well-groomed?

Making a first impression – Are you well-groomed?

Never underestimate the power of first impressions in the search for a soulmate. There are those who claim that true love is blind but let’s not test that theory. I want you guys to be prepared and look your best at all times. You never know when you’re going to bump into the love of your life. Might as well be prepared.

In your day to day life, you probably make an effort to dress up when you go out. This means on a scale of one to ten, you would look anywhere between 7 and 10 when you’re at a wedding, party, club, dinner, brunch, date, trip to the mall or outing with friends.

Now think of all the places which you’ve ignored where there are higher chances of you meeting interesting people. They are:


Offices may not look promising, especially if you have crossed out all the potential singles from your list. But consider client visits, office parties, team building getaways and dinners. Even more important, think of all the pictures of you that could end up on Facebook. Maybe your colleagues are not going to be THE ONE, but don’t rule out their friends and relatives just yet.


People see you every time you travel on trains, buses, autos, cars and rickshaws. Though crowded public transportation may not be conducive to romantic feelings, there will be days when you catch an appraising look from a hot stranger. It may not lead to marriage, but it’ll make your day.

Air Travel

If the hot stewardesses and pilots are not incentive enough to look hot on flights, at least think of your seat companions. The just-rolled-out-of-bed look may be comfortable but you can do better. If your seatmate doesn’t do it for you, think of all the hot young things at the airport. And even better – celebrities! Getting an autograph is much easier when you look like a star yourself.


I’ve no intention of being flippant about this. If you’re at a hospital concerning a serious health situation, looking your best may not be on top of your list and that’s fine. But we’re talking about regular check-ups and other not so fun stuff that you have to do at hospitals. Look your best and score some double takes from cute doctors and nurses.


I understand that you’re going there because you want to look better, but that doesn’t mean you need to dress up in your ratty T-shirt and scuffed shoes and black-socks-and-white-sneakers (you know who you are). Go for a black-on-black ensemble to cut out the work but look sharp all the same. Hot people are checking you out even though you may be too busy trying not to fall off your treadmill (or maybe that’s just me) to notice it.

Neighborhood super market

We’ve all done this – gone to the grocery store in our stained sweats and greasy hair only to bump into the hot guy or girl that we regularly see around. There they are, standing right next to us and reaching for the bread. This would be a great time to say hi except that we didn’t bother to brush our teeth when we sauntered out of the house. Lesson learnt. Put an extra five minutes into looking spiffy and you will stand out in a crowd of sleepy, grainy-eyed neighbors.

Library or any bookstore

People who read are hot. Period. Plus you could talk about books you’ve read and books you plan to read. That’s like a year’s worth of conversation right there. Looking good will add points in your favor while you’re dazzling them with your wit and intelligence.

In the weeks to come, I’ll give you pointers on how to look your best in everything from casuals to red carpet events. In the meantime, I want you all to start looking at the world with new eyes. It’s brimming with opportunities and it takes just a little effort to engage with it. Put on your Gulabi-colored lenses; this is going to be fun!

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