Manglik Dosh Solution For Boy

Should any manglik boy marry a non-manglik girl? Is there any solution to remove a manglik dosh?

Being manglik is just one combination. There are less than 10 ways in which mangal dosha is formed and more than a thousand ways it is cancelled. Find your perfect Manglik life partner from thousands of professional Manglik Hindu Brides & Grooms. Register FREE!

Anyone who is interest in astrology or wants to test it must always know that no two people on this earth can have the same destiny. If someone says to you that so and so combination means your parents will die or your married life will be bad, know that the same combination will exist for atleast 10% of the world’s population. If that law were true, wouldnt we have been able to conduct an experiment and prove it on paper?

Saturn, Mars, these are not bad. Jupiter, Venus, these are not good. They have their own roles to play, thats all.

What is Manglik Dosha or Kuja Dosha?

The name Manglik dosha means a Dosha or a defect caused by the effect of planet Mars. Manglik Dosha is found in the kundli or Birth Chart of the Native. A comparative analysis of the Birth Chart, the Moon Chart & the Navamsha is done to conclude whether a person is Manglik or not. Manglik Dosha is also known as Kuja dosh.

Manglik Dosh Solution For Boy
Manglik Dosh Solution For Boy

Dont get scared hearing or reading just one thing. You cannot judge a book by the cover, as the saying goes. One bad indication does not mean the horoscope or married life is bad.

Low mangal dosha solution before or after marriage is also explained, besides … ill effects of malefic Mangal in the birth horoscope of a person (male or female).

Ms.Kaamini Khanna Our Mangliks Astro Guru Explains The Effects Of Manglik Dosh And Why Mangliks Should Marry A Manglik Only.