Manglik Dosha – Not A Reason to Worry For Matrimonial


Manglik Girl
                            Manglik  Dosha

Every parent tends to get extremely worried when their child or a suitable match exhibits a horoscope with the Mars in the 2nd, 4th, 7th, 8th and 12th houses. The belief that this condition can lead to some very unfavourable marital consequences is always the fear factor, which often leads to the rejection or delay of a marriage till they are sure that the effects of the Manglik Dosha have completely worn off. Visit Our Website…

While one cannot attest or contest the truth behind these beliefs, there have been cases where these astrological conditions have lead to undesired results. At the same time, most parents and even brides and grooms don’t realize that Vedic astrology has effectively also made a list of cases which are considered to be the exceptions to this rule. Let’s go through these, and maybe it will bring you solace-

  1. Just because there is a Manglik Dosha in your chart, does not mean you have to wait for years before you get married. When you are finding a life partner that is having the same Dosha i.e Manglik Dosha, there is no issue in marrying with such a person. For example, if both the girl and the boy have Mars in their 4thhouse, it is considered that their astrological charts match. For example if both the girl and boy have Mars in fourth house or are Manglik, it is recognized that there is matching in their astrological charts.

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  1. In certain parts of India, the Kuja Dosham is given equal importance as the Mangal Dosh. While there is a belief amongst most other priests that if the horoscope is otherwise positive and strong and if the horoscope of the bride has a good amount of grace from Jupiter, there is nothing to worry about.
  2. Some ancient texts shows that girls or boys with the zodiac signs Aries, Cancer, Leo, Scorpio, Sagittarius and Pisces do not need to worry about the Manglik or Kuja Dosha.
  3. Also, if the 7thhouse is Cancer, Sagittarius, or Pisces; no harm will be done to the either one of the couples as the dosh does not apply in such cases and in fact in considered friendly.
  4. Similarly, if the 7thhouse is in Taurus or Libra, it will facilitate a long-term and affectionate relationship with complete fidelity.

It is important you do not get carried away with any loose statements and don’t keep any blind faith. Complete understanding of your situation will ensure a loving and healthy marital life.

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