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Mangal dosha effects, manglik girl for marriage

A “mangliks” or “mars afflicted” individual (according to his natal chart) is often looked down upon (especially when it comes to match making) and traditional pundits and astrologers advice is to perform pujas, holy rituals to overcome it. Although there is logic behind these, scientific understanding of the Mars affliction or Mangal dosha is important.

Not to worry. There are simple remedies to get over its effects.

How To Remove Manglik Dosha
What is Manglik Dosha – Kuja Dosha Effects of Manglik Dosha

Earlier, Mangliks were asked to marry other mangliks. This was because being like-minded (undergoing same affliction issues) the compatibility was better. Another suggestion from traditional astrologers is Mangliks should not marry before the age of 27. explains this and provides guidance on mangliks trying to marry before 27 or manglik marrying a non-manglik.

In Vedic astrology, the Mangal dosha is considered to be a serious astrological condition that affects a person’s life, marriage and only brings misfortune. It is also known as the Kuja dosha, Bhom dosha or Angrakha dosha.

India is a home of a number of superstitions and beliefs. While some beliefs have amazing scientific explanations, others can be considered baseless to an extent. For example, if a Manglik woman or man has a non-Manglik spouse then the spouse will die within a short span of time after marriage.

Crazy isn’t it? But many a women have been driven to the extent of taking their lives for having this Manglik dosha in their horoscopes because they cannot get married easily.

Manglik dosh nivaran after marriage in hindi – Manglik and non manglik marriage effects in hindi.