Marriage with Banana Tree Procedure

Marriage with Banana Tree Procedure

Marriage with a banana tree, known as “Kadali Vivah” or “Kadali Kalyanam,” is a traditional ritual in Hindu culture, especially performed to neutralize the Mangal Dosha (Mars affliction) in an individual’s horoscope.

Here’s a detailed procedure:

  1. Consult an Astrologer: Confirm Mangal Dosha and the need for Kumbh Vivah.
  2. Choose a Banana Tree: Select a healthy banana tree.
  3. Set a Date: Pick an auspicious day for the ceremony.
  4. Puja Preparation:
    • Gather items: red cloth, sindoor (vermillion), turmeric, flowers, rice, incense, sweets.
    • Set up a small altar near the tree.
  5. Perform the Ritual:
    • Ganesh Puja: Begin by praying to Lord Ganesha for blessings.
    • Kalash Puja: Worship a pot filled with water, symbolizing purity.
    • Dress the Tree: Wrap the trunk in a red cloth, applying sindoor and turmeric.
    • Offerings: Place flowers, rice, and sweets at the base.
    • Marriage Rituals: Conduct traditional marriage rituals, including tying a sacred thread around the tree.
    • Phera: Circle the tree, symbolizing marriage vows.
    • Conclusion: End with prayers, asking for the neutralization of Mangal Dosha.
  6. Post-Ritual:
    • Offer food to the poor and seek blessings from elders.
    • Maintain faith in the ritual’s effectiveness.


  • Mitigates Mangal Dosha: Reduces negative impacts on future married life.
  • Improves Compatibility: Enhances prospects of a harmonious marriage.

Consult with an experienced priest or astrologer to ensure proper procedure and rituals.

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