Matrimony Sites Act as Big Brothers for Manglik Marriages

Matrimony Sites Act as Big Brothers for Manglik Marriages

Love stories are not the way it is shown in films. The reality is much harder and quite villainous for both the gender. In the recent years, more than 60% of marriages are arranged and is much better than eternal love stories.

Though Indian society is progressive in nature, yet there are loopholes at certain parts. Mangal Dosh for both the gender is a real obstacle in marriages. Still, now couples are facing a big-time crisis due to this.

Matrimony sites such as are an established platform for successful marriages.  They provide the perfect match for both the boy and the girl. People have developed an immense trust over this platform.

What is the harm in Mangal Dosha?

Mars is an inauspicious planet and the prime cause for bad times in a person’s life.  Mangal Dosha is a curse where people may not get married throughout their life. It happens due to the negative impact of the planet on their life.

Can take away life– The placement of mars in 2nd, 4th, 7th, 8th and 12th house is considered highly inauspicious. The planet is an assassinator of life while placed in these houses.

Take away happiness from life– Mars in the 4th aspect takes away all happiness from the life of a person. The 7th aspect of the planet also causes separation between the couple in a short span of time post marriage.

Ruin relationship with family members- A malefic mars is solely responsible to create distance and break the relationship with family members.  Over a period of time, a person will face several family issues which will slowly ruin the harmony of life.

How to mitigate the ill effects of Mangal Dosha?

The only way to mitigate the ill effects of Mangal Dosha is by getting married to a person who is also Manglik. In this way, the curse gets nullified. People who are Manglik always prefer to marry a person who is also affected by it. This can bring happiness and glory to their married life.

Matrimony sites for Manglik marriages

Parents are still worried about their daughter who is a Manglik, but things have changed in the recent years. The matrimony sites such as Mangliks are also matching Manglik pairs for a happy and successful marriage. There are many companies which are only focused on Manglik wedding.

Gone are the days when such issues use to trouble a family. The Manglik matrimony sites are finding the right pair for every person willing to get married.