Merry Christmas 2021: Origin and reasons to celebrate

Merry Christmas 2021: Origin and reasons to celebrate

Christmas is celebrated across the world on December 25 to remember the birth of Jesus Christ. Check out how Christmas was originated and what are the reasons that we celebrate Christmas.

Christmas is a time when families come together and celebrate Christmas with joy, hope, happiness and laughter. The most excited ones are children about the gift they receive from Santa Claus. The mythical figure named Santa Claus is a very important part of the Christmas celebrations, especially for children.

Christmas 2021: Origins of Christmas

Christmas first rejoiced on December 25 in 336 AD. It was celebrated through the time of the Roman Emperor Constantine who was the first Christian Roman Emperor.

Pope Julius, formally announced that the birth of Jesus would be rejoiced on December 25 every year.

There were many diverse traditions and theories that justify the reason for Christmas being celebrated on December 25.

A quiet Christian custom supposed that the event Mary knew that she would give birth to a special child, Jesus, called the Annunciation was on March 25 and thus Christmas is celebrated 9 months later, on December 25.

Christmas 2021: Reasons we celebrate Christmas

Christmas celebrations are filled with delight, cheerfulness and worship. People go to church, sing carols, participate in different religious services, swap presents, decorate their homes with lights, flowers and mistletoe and get together as a family on Christmas.

Churches across the globe perform evening services on Christmas eve. Many churches also perform candle service at midnight.

For kids, Santa Claus is an admired personality during Christmas. They receive gifts on this holy day.

People also prepare rum cakes and feasts to celebrate the occasion and sing-along Christmas carols to make the celebration even more fun.