Most Important Wedding Accessories That Complete Every Marathi Bridal

Most Important Wedding Accessories That Complete Every Marathi Bridal

Even though there are rituals and customs, Indian weddings are different because of the jewelry, bridal outfits, and special, attractive wedding elements. Additionally, Marathi brides are prohibited from doing certain things when it comes to wedding necessities.

The attractive and ethnic Paithani sarees to the Nath are just a few of the many factors that attract Marathi women for marriage. Because of the significance of the nine components, it is impossible to imagine a bridal look without the essentials. Take the wedding diary and write down everything!



Naths are the wedding attire of choice for Marathi brides. Throughout the marriage, the bride wears a variety of different Naths. They stand out from other brides because of this crucial characteristic. However, different gems are used to decorate the Naths; The usual ones are always made of pearls and stones. Brides choose the design and style of their naths by considering their outfits and desired appearance.

Bindi, the moon-shaped:

The classic Nauvari Paithani saree and patent jewelry might be a YES, but the Moon bindi is what completes the bridal look of Marathi women. On their wedding attire, Marathi brides wear a half-moon-shaped bindi that adds a stunning touch to their bridal appearance. In the meantime, not all brides today wear the moon bindi, but those who do look radiant and striking.


It is a typical piece of jewelry worn at Marathi weddings. You’ll see the Marathi bride and groom putting mundavalya at every Maharashtrian wedding. It’s a cord with two layers of pearls joined to it. Mundavalya has tied the forehead in a crosswise manner; Consequently, the strings remain on each side’s face. It works out positively for both the lady and lucky man’s wedding shows up.

Chuda of Green:

A Marathi bride needs a lot of essential jewelry to be complete. The Green Chuda, on the other hand, is one of the best things. On the day of the wedding, Marathi brides typically wear bridal bangles in the color green. The unique green bangles represent the bride’s new beginning and fertility. Brides in Maharashtrian weddings wear green bangles on both hands, whereas in Hindu weddings, brides wear red bangles. The bangles are appropriately worn in odd numbers and paired with Gold Kadas, which the groom presents to the bride. Many brides continue to wear the Chuda after the wedding, while others only do so for special occasions.


Vaaki is a bracelet worn by Marathi brides to prevent them from showing their arms on their wedding day. It is made from gold and a single stone. The bride’s choice of outfit influences Vaaki’s design and appearance. Some brides prefer to wear gold Vaaki, while others prefer diamond-studded Vaaki. New modern brides in the area prefer to look their best while wearing the Vaaki under one arm these days.


It is known as a round bun with mogra flowers and jewels, and it is a bridal hairstyle that brides get after getting married. On special occasions, many Maharashtrian brides wear the bridal bun. However, some exceptional Marathi brides accent their buns with floral jewelry as well. Although the bride’s head may be burdened by the bun’s size and weight, it highlights her true beauty.


Tanmani is yet another significant piece of jewelry that is an integral part of the Marathi wedding rituals that Marathi girls wear. It is a choker made of pearls that are both colorful and white. The design is completed by the bridal piece, which has silk strings attached to it. It makes it easier for the bride to reposition the choker. The choker is made with the bride’s saree, jewelry, and other details in mind. For the choker, brides can even opt for rubies, emeralds, and additional gemstones. By adding more details to the blouse, it emphasizes the neckline.

Satin Paithani:

ithout a doubt, Paithani saree is out of the question for a Marathi wedding. Every bride considers it appropriate to wear on special occasions. The vibrant handwoven silk saree emphasizes the bride’s wedding attire. It is available in various colors; Red and green blends are a common choice for conventional brides. The saree has a royal appearance due to the intricate Zari work on the hems. However, various brides now opt for wedding lehengas.

The elaborate silk saris that the Marathi bride is wearing make her look stunning. On her wedding day, the Paithani sari is especially covered by the bride. The bridal Paithani saris have admirers outside of Marathi marriage, as well as among commoners. Even foreigners admire the saris, which are works of art. The saris return to Maharashtra’s artistic and cultural heritage. In the time of robotization, these saris are the right ongoing source of both pain and joy and commitment. The motifs, weaving, and silk variety of the saris vary from 5,000 to 50,000. They are still hand-woven.

Saaz Kolhapuri:

The Marathi bride’s mother-in-law can give her the authentic Maharashtrian necklace. The bride from Kolhapur is the primary recipient of the Saaz, which is made of gold and other precious gems like rubies and emeralds. Saaz are made for Marathi girls by a lot of jewelry shops, but the real ones are only made in Kolhapur.

As essential as a Mangalsutra, which every Hindu bride wears after marriage, is this statement necklace. The statement necklace is frequently worn by women in rural areas. This may be worn daily in place of the mangalsutra for some brides, but again, this varies from bride to bride.

All of them confirm that you stand out from the crowd in addition to complimenting your appearance. And if you’re getting married soon and will be a Marathi bride or just got married in a Maharashtrian ceremony, let them know which part you like best.

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