Positive and Negative Aspects Of Arranged Marriage

Positive and Negative Aspects Of Arranged Marriage

A marriage arranged by some elder person in a family such as grandparents or parents is called as an arranged marriage. This concept is being followed for many years in India and still an important norm. This social bond aims to create a mutually beneficial coupling so that both marrying parties (bride’s and groom’s family) could maintain their status in society.

But arranging for marriage is a big task in itself as it is very difficult to find the right mate even after having a good reputation in society. This calls for matrimonial services in India where a person gets access to a huge database to search for the most suitable life partner for a wedding.

Advantages of arranged marriage

Check out in what ways arranged marriages benefit couples and their families.

  1. The experience of parents and grandparents ensure higher success, strong connections, and understanding of relationships.
  2. Families look for a person who is familiar with their culture, living style, custom, and religion, apart from individual compatibility.
  3. Arranged marriage also ensures financial support and security in case of calamities or accidents.
  4. Since a wedding is arranged by near and dear ones, elder people are always there to guide their child and his/her spouse in all types of problems.
  5. No stress on an individual to find a partner.
  6. Arranged wedding is highly accepted in a society as it creates social recognition and credibility for happy and secure conjugal life.
  7. Involvement of matchmaker services and families of both sides adds more value and strength to a relationship.
  8. Law adjustments are better.
  9. Children of a wedding couple are well looked after by friends, family members, and relatives.
  10. People may match better
  11. Higher level of experience of parents
  12. Assurance of social status
  13. Financial security
  14. Cultural similarities of partners
  15. Rational rather than emotional decision
  16. Family connections are strengthened
  17. Similar ethics
  18. Religious fits
  19. Similar values
  20. People may live in a happy bubble
  21. Avoidance of lovesickness
  22. No stress to find a partner

Disadvantages of arranged marriage

Let’s read about some negative aspects of an arranged wedding.

  1. Love is often not a factor
  2. There may be no fit at all between partners
  3. Potential higher divorce rates
  4. Separation may be difficult
  5. Spouses may not trust each other
  6. People may be quite unhappy
  7. Family problems
  8. No room for personal choices
  9. Husband and wife may have no say
  10. May promote gender inequality
  11. People often don’t know what they are getting into
  12. Dating period may be missing in a couple’s life
  13. Emotional stress
  14. Lower life expectancy
  15. Confined level of freedom
  16. Child marriages
  17. Mental issues

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