Professional Brides In The New Age | Manglik Matrimony

Professional Brides In The New Age | Manglik Matrimony

Independence has had various effects on our country. While some are good and progressive, the others were bad and detrimental. At the same time, it has been among the few countries that have been able to adopt a piece of the Western culture without compromising on our rich culture and inheritance.

Traditional beliefs, rituals, notions and perceptions have evolved with time. In the mayhem of change over the past 65 years, people have modernized and so have their thought processes. Before, parents would rely on bureaus and references from relatives to find their children life partners, now children and parents together avail the services of matrimonial sites for the sake of finding marital bliss.

What was unacceptable earlier is a trend now. For that matter, marriage is a classic paragon where the married women have empowered new heights.

Work has Become Important

With the increasing need for double income families, dynamics of marriage have changed to a great extent. Women earlier considered as mere homemakers who would toil day in and day out to keep the husband and his family happy, are now, treated with dignity and equality at the workplace. The importance of a girl has evidently increased. Women are working and it has become an acceptable sight to have the man and the woman walk out of the house at the same time every morning to get to work. Such instances have been at the grace of globalization and westernization.

An amalgam of education and work has stirred an air of freedom and independence to women. Being able to work and having one’s own identity has evolved another barrier of restriction. Recent research reveals that more and more of the women prefer marrying only after they are standing on their own feet. When questioned, they said that – Times have changed and women have slowly started playing an equal role in financially supporting the family. Additionally, if they weren’t learned and smart, what cultural values and knowledge will their children imbibe?

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Dynamics have evolved

Staying in a joint family has been a traditional way of life. And in India, women are highly looked up to after they are married with children. Even though much hasn’t changed on that frontier, women now balance their family ties as well as their professional expectations. It has become a casual affair, to see a woman working and handling house chores. In fact, families take pride in possessing a daughter-in-law who take care of her household responsibilities as well as work liability.

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Today, families are thinking about practicality and their financial status quo. There are a few families which are nuclear in nature. Where the husband and wife are both career oriented and have no children. The husband and wife are working to meet ends- rents, daily prerequisites, investment policies and luxuries. Chauvinism has become passé and wife-husband relationships stand at an equal juncture. With husbands now lending a helping hand in the kitchen and even spending time with the children, roles started changing. Men are now making an effort to help their family bonds strengthen at home and women are venturing their way out to make their own identity.

Choosing to Profession over Marriage

Some women have even held their marriages at bay, centering their profession as the most pivotal part of their lives. Bound by work and their goals to accomplish more, several women choose to marry only if they would be allowed to work without restrictions. They have even gone to the extent of adding such details in their bio-data, on Matrimonial Sites.

When a girl marries and goes to her husband’s house, she is not just married to her husband, but the entire family. Women thence, play a significant role in enhancing the family’s betterment. Being ambitious and street-smart will only help the women uphold good values and disseminate all her knowledge and information to her children and family. At present, beyond the constraints of suppression and discrimination, married women stand strong and they efficiently strike a rightful balance between work and family. is India’s leading Matrimonial Sites for Mangliks. Add your Matrimony profile for Free and search ideal Indian Brides and Grooms for you through our match making matrimonial site. Register free…