Pros and Cons of Selecting a Marriage Site and a Matrimony Broker for Life Partner Search

The most wonderful thing about taking birth in India is that you grow up in a culture that influences lakh’s of people around the globe. The customers and traditions in India are wonderful and they constitute together to make the culture exquisite and attractive for the westerners. The culture of the country goes back to ancient times, when humans didn’t even exist.

It is the culture of this nation that makes it unique in the list of all the countries on Earth. Arranged marriage has always been a major part of Indian culture. To your surprise, people still believe in this concept and allow matrimonial websites and marriage brokers to search a perfect life partner for them. Both, matrimonial websites, have their own pros and cons.

Pros or merits of matrimonial websites

  1. You can trust the experience of marriage brokers: You can always trust experienced and social marriage brokers; they have a wide network and hence, finding a suitable partner for you is easy for them.
  2. You can browse through different profiles on matrimonial websites before selecting someone for your needs: Matrimonial websites have a lot of profiles; you don’t get tired going through each one of them.
  3. There are a lot of matrimonial websites and hence, you can always get more options: You always have more options since there are countless matrimonial websites online.
  4. There are a lot of marriage brokers that negotiate their fees: You can request the marriage brokers to lower down their fees for you; some agree.

Cons or demerits of matrimonial websites

  1. It becomes quite difficult for you to judge someone by his pictures on matrimonial websites: Unless you meet and date the person for a few months, it becomes difficult for you to trust him.
  2. Some of the matrimonial websites are totally fake: Yes – a lot of cases have happened in the past.
  3. Some of the marriage brokers charge a huge amount of fees to help you search for a proper partner: If you don’t want to end up paying a lot of money to the marriage brokers, use matrimonial websites.
  4. Some matrimonial websites charge you even to browse through various profiles: Some matrimonial websites start charging you after you browse a few profiles.

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