Rituals followed in Marathi Matrimony and Marriages

Rituals followed in Marathi Matrimony and Marriages

Marathi people being the natives of Maharashtra State are very simple in their lifestyle, which is better reflected in their matrimony ceremonies or rituals. They follow the interesting rituals and customs of the Marathi bridal events, as like the other regions of India, the people of Maharashtra also believe in horoscope matching.

In order to mark up the engagement, the family members from both the boy and girl sides exchange sugar along with the ceremony known as Sakhar Puda. . It is a casual one ceremony followed in sequence by Wang Nichav, the formal engagement ceremony. There are also benefits of preforming worships for family deities or Kuldevtas. After this ceremony, the two families meet with the clergyman to finalize the wedding date.

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One day ahead of wedding in Marathi Matrimony, there is a ceremony called “HaldiChadawat”. Here their respective family members and relatives apply the mango foliage immersed in haldi on the bodies of both brides and grooms.It is applied starting from the feet, right through the whole body. The wedding or marriage starts with the prayer of Lord Ganesha and lots of sweets are distributed. It is the firm belief in most of the parts of India to start off the worships with lord Ganesha usually. It is performed to seek the blessings of almighty to start up the day on good mode and performing all the rituals without any interruptions successfully.

Wedding in Marathi MATRIMONY is performed from the morning. The grooms together with his family members, relaives and neighbors reach the wedding venue at the specified time. There is music and dance all around.

After that, ceremonies followed in Marathi Matrimony is the “Kanyadaan” and “saptapadi”. In Kanyadaan, father of the bride hand over his daughter to the groom and and the couple circles seven times acroundthe sacred flames along with the chanting of Mantras by the priests.This ceremony is known as saatphere, which have great deal of significance in in Hindu religion
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