Role of Astrology in Matchmaking Process

Importance of Matchmaking in Astrology

Matchmaking by Date of Birth is most important method to find out the compatibility between the bride and the groom. In Astrology, Mangliks Matchmaking by Date of Birth is calculated on the basis of the planets in the natal chart. As it is a very complicated process, it needs a very in-depth knowledge in Vedic Astrology.

Mangliks Can Marry Only Mangliks

Role of Astrology in Matchmaking Process

In India, astrology is part and parcel of Hindu mangliks marriages. There are several astrologers whose mainstay is matchmaking advice. As a society, also, we Indians are great believers in astrology. All daily newspapers undoubtedly have a section dedicated to astrology and the prediction for the day. Readers especially start off the day by poring over their daily horoscope predictions.

Astrology and Indian Way of Life

Astrological interventions start with birth with Kundli creation for the newborn predicting his/her future. Following this, one seeks astrological consultation at the time of education, job and marriage.

This post refers specifically to the importance of astrology in matchmaking in Hinduism. Astrology plays a role in partner selection, guna rectification and fixing of marriage date and time. All these factors are decided basis astrology where celestial objects influence the life of the concerned. As per astrology all the planets, moon and the sun have an influence on the life of an individual. Therefore, marriage – one of the most important decisions of life – needs to be taken with utmost care and study. 

Role of Astrology in Partner Choice

An astrologically compatible match has optimum guns matched upon kundli checking. It symbolizes that the concerned individuals have a celestial tuning with each other. Furthermore, the ‘rashifal’ of the boy and the girl is checked for the ‘dosha’, (bad influence). The presence of manglik, mangal dosha is, consequently, sufficient to abandon the match for some. In contrast, some follow certain practices suggested by the astrologers to rectify the dosh.

In addition, in Hindu marriage predictions guns are given a lot of importance. A total of 8 Guns are into consideration and they put together comprise a sum of 36. In fact, any marriage can go ahead if two kundli have 18 points or above. The following are certain issues on which astrological matching throws some light:

Relationship Stability and Astrology

A major reason for the emphasis on mangliks Kundali matching is the prediction of success of the match. Kundali Milan takes into account date-of-birth, place-of-birth, star sign, the name and Ashtakoot or Gunas. Combined these factors enable the astrologer to predict the relationship quotient.

Family Adaptability and Astrology

In India where most families still follow the joint family system the assessment of families is also of paramount importance. Manglik Marriage is an alliance not only of two souls but also of two families. A knowledgeable astrologer is also able to predict if their would be familial compatibility.

Financial Compatibility and Astrology

When two souls come together it is essential to understand if the marriage has financial viability as well. Astrological matching is also able to predict if the matrimonial bond will have financial stability.

Role of Astrology in Marriage Dates

The marriage dates are decided by an astrologer who is well versed in this knowledge. He looks for the well suited day and time as per the kundali and the Hindu calendar.

Astrologers look at at the current positions of the dominant planets of the boy and the girl to fix an auspicious date.

Compatibility and Astrology – A fine Balance

With changing times, however, one sees a transition in the weight attached to astrology in matchmaking. There is a marked shift towards compatibility between the boys and the girls.  Not only perfect alignment of stars but also compatibility needs consideration. If mutual understanding between boy and the girl is missing then no star alignment can save the marriage.