Sawan Fast for Non – Manglik and Manglik Brides & Grooms – Mangliks

For most marriages, whether Non-Manglik or Manglik Brides and Grooms, Sawan is the season to pray to lord Shiva for providing them with a perfect life partner. Both boys & girls fast on Monday and pray to lord Shiva for a prosperous life ahead. Monday fasts (Somvari Vrith) can be done on one, two or 16 Mondays.

Moreover, the temples in India are packed with young boys and girls in the month of Savan. It is also the best way to lower down the ill effects of being Mangliks for Manglik brides and grooms. They are performing the rituals of offering holy water to lord Shiva.

Girls are specially having the Savan fast for lord Shiva. As the girls are leaving their blood relations after marriages and going with their grooms. They find new relations over there. They see new living conditions. It is difficult as usual at the start to adjust to the conditions. For this reason, they are performing the Savan fast. They are praying to the lord to give them the strength and a perfect life partner with whom they can have a prosperous life. It is also fruitful for the manglik brides and grooms .

Significance of Sawan Mondays

It is believed that people fasting on Monday are blessed with treasures of wealth and prosperity. Donation and charity made on this day offers the same fruit as that of visiting the Jyotirlinga.

People offer Bel Patras to Lord Shiva on this day as it is believed that lord Siva resides in the roots of Bel Patras. It offers the same fruit as that of pilgrim Visit.

Some of the medical experts also believe that fasting during Savan month is good for health. This is the period when there is rain and scarce sunlight. Your digestive system slows down. Fasting during this period has de-toxifying effect on digestive system. Hindus follow a strict vegetarian diet during this period. It acts as a resistant to many of the water borne – diseases.

It is believed that unmarried women, whether Mangliks or Non-Mangliks wear Mehendi and green bangles are blessed with the perfect grooms or perfect life partner. It also blesses the manglik brides with perfect grooms. This period also marks the beginning of Hindu festivals such as Dashain, Teej and Tihar.