Significance of 7 Pheras in Wedding

Significance of 7 Pheras in Wedding

Hindu marriages are well renowned around the world for all the rituals and events constituting part of the marriage ceremony. Whether it is a week-long celebration before the actual wedding date or night-long parties, the joy and exuberance evident in Indian marriages are simply unmatched.

Among various celebrations and sacred rites; there exists a ritual of 7 pheras (encirclements or roundabouts) which is considered one of the most sacred and important rituals of them all. 7 pheras also called Saptapadi (in the Sanskrit language) basically refer to the ceremony of walking around the holy fire seven times at the time of the wedding. As in the Hindu religion, it is believed that the “fire or Agni” is the maintainer of life and all the Gods and Goddesses are always present around this sacred fire, so the bride and bridegroom are required to take this ritual together around the holy. fire that is believed to be representing Agni Devta or God of Fire.

The seven pheras, also known as saat phere, are a crucial part of Hindu weddings. This ritual involves the bride and groom walking around a sacred fire seven times, making seven vows to each other. Each phera, or round, signifies a specific promise and aspect of married life, emphasizing the commitment and duties of the couple towards each other. Here is the significance of each phera:

1. First Phera: Prayer for Nourishment

The couple prays for the provision and nourishment of their household, invoking blessings for a life free from hunger and want. They seek the grace of the Almighty for a strong, healthy, and prosperous life together.

Vow: “Let us pray for plenty of nourishing and pure food. Let us vow to avoid what is harmful to our healthy being.”

2. Second Phera: Strength and Courage

In this round, the couple asks for physical and mental strength, courage, and the ability to share happiness and sorrows. They seek divine support to protect their family and face life’s challenges together.

Vow: “Let us develop mental, physical, and spiritual strength. Let us vow to lead a healthy lifestyle.”

3. Third Phera: Prosperity

Here, the couple prays for prosperity and wealth, not just in terms of material possessions but also spiritual wealth. They vow to work together to achieve success and a comfortable life.

Vow: “Let us earn and increase our wealth by righteous and proper means. Let us vow to acquire knowledge, happiness, and harmony by mutual love.”

4. Fourth Phera: Family and Love

The couple asks for the blessing of a harmonious and happy family life, filled with mutual love, trust, and respect. They seek blessings for children and vow to uphold family values and nurture their bond.

Vow: “Let us acquire knowledge, happiness, and harmony by mutual love and trust. Let us vow to keep our family happy and blessed.”

5. Fifth Phera: Progeny

In this step, the couple prays for strong, healthy, and virtuous children. They seek blessings to be responsible and loving parents, and to raise their children with good morals and values.

Vow: “Let us be blessed with strong, healthy, and noble children. Let us vow to be responsible parents, guiding them on the right path.”

6. Sixth Phera: Health and Peace

The couple seeks blessings for a long, healthy, and peaceful life together. They vow to support each other through health and sickness, and to lead a balanced life with mutual respect and understanding.

Vow: “Let us live a healthy and peaceful life together. Let us vow to support each other in sickness and health.”

7. Seventh Phera: Friendship and Loyalty

The final phera is a promise of lifelong friendship, loyalty, and companionship. The couple vows to be true to each other, to be best friends, and to stand by each other through all of life’s ups and downs.

Vow: “Let us vow to be lifelong companions, best friends, and true partners. Let us vow to remain faithful and loyal to each other.”


  • Spiritual Union: The seven pheras symbolize the spiritual union and the binding of the couple’s souls.
  • Commitment: Each vow represents a deep commitment and responsibility towards each other and their families.
  • Holistic Life: The vows cover all aspects of life, including physical health, prosperity, family, progeny, and eternal companionship, ensuring a holistic approach to married life.
  • Cultural Heritage: This ancient ritual reflects the cultural and spiritual heritage of Hinduism, emphasizing the sacredness of the marital bond.

In essence, the seven pheras are not just a ritual but a foundation for a meaningful and fulfilling married life, highlighting the importance of love, respect, and mutual support.