Significance of Sindoor in Indian Matrimonial

Significance of Sindoor in Indian Matrimonial

For many years now, Indian women have been seen wearing vermilion, traditionally known as sindoor along the parting of their hairline. This has become synonymous with marriage and every time one sees a woman adorned with sindoor on her head, it is evident that she is someone’s lawfully wedded wife.

Significance of Sindoor in Indian Matrimonial
Significance of Sindoor in Indian Matrimony

What is the Significance of Vermillion a.k.a Sindoor in the Indian Matrimonial System?

This red coloured powder is more than just so and has come to gain tremendous significance in the Indian matrimonial system. The traditional Hindu society gives tremendous importance to sindoor as a sign of a married woman. It is considered to be a visual representation of their prayer for a long life for their husbands. Not only is it an extremely auspicious element- one of the 16 “shringaars” – which a married woman adorns from the day she ties the knot; but this red powder also communicates to the world that she is under the protection of her beloved, her husband, her life partner.

Married women in India take pride in adorning this on their heads and are more than happy to show it off to their world around them. At the same time, the less fortunate widows are not permitted to wear sindoor after the death of their life partners.

What the Sindoor Truly Stands For-

Red represents love and happiness not only in India but more or less in every part of the world. Every Indian bride is made to wear this colour on the day of her matrimonial. She holds great bride in wearing the sindoor which enhances the entire elegance and beauty of a married woman.

The first time a woman ever wears sindoor in her life is on the day of her matrimonial, when it is applied by her husband during the ceremony. This is quintessentially at the end of the rituals and commonly marks the end of the ceremonial procedures. It is in a way, announcing that the bride and groom are now wedded.

Simple application of the sindoor is known to have a magical effect on the elegance and beauty of a new bride. Most women choose to apply it on a daily basis as a constant reminder of their undying love for their husbands.